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  2. Couple of new paints

    Thanks again a million Tavers, I flew easyJet last week-end, wanted to fly Austrian rego but could not find it. All done !
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  4. UA747 the final flight

    Nah. Didnt manage to get to T4. It wasnt open fully and was only partly operational. I did see many SQ A380s parked on the gate there. Hard to believe they are already retiring the first few of their A380s.
  5. UA747 the final flight

    Magnificent pics, Joe! Great tribute to the end of an era at UA. A350? I already had the pleasure to fly with it from Doha to Munich. Thinking of many of those retiring A330s being replaced by A350s. We will be seeing lots more of them in the future. Looking forward to it.
  6. UA747 the final flight

    Did you get to visit T4? Ya I bet SIN A350 bonanza, haha
  7. UA747 the final flight

    I was at Singapore just last 3 weeks ago. I had a quick tour of the airport airside by taking the transfer bus from Terminal 3 to 1. Man.. there were so many A350s there. It was like an A350 galore. CX, SQ, FN, QR, TG.. I loved their badger cockpit and the blended winglets. Just so cool.
  8. Couple of new paints

    Time for some easy flights, cheers Tavers.
  9. UA747 the final flight

    Yup December 15 last flight. Today I saw the Delta A350 N501DN arriving DTW flying in from Tokyo. First time I see A350, pretty cool.
  10. UA747 the final flight

    Great shots of the last flight! I also did UA747 on the weekend to get the last United 747 flight into my logbook.
  11. UA747 the final flight

    Yeh.. hehe. Its been a while since my last screeny post. Hehe. I guess i will have to catch up on Delta B747 flights next as they will be the next to go. Joe....
  12. Couple of new paints

    Oh sweet, finally an OE reg too. Keep them coming please.
  13. Couple of new paints

    Few easyJet's in the new livery are available now.. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/profile/8218-john-tavendale/content/&type=downloads_file G-EZTD G-EZTL (Amy Johnson Female Pilot Initiative) OE-IVO (Spirit of Sharm)
  14. UA747 the final flight

    Gorgeous set, great tribute. Sad to see the Queens slowly vanish from the skies. Such a graceful airplane.
  15. UA747 the final flight

    Oh very nice tribute. You did the Golden Gate flyby. Haven't seen you post screenshots in forever.
  16. Hi guys.. So I manged to scrap in the last United B747-400 flight on the last day that is allowed in FTG. I was meaning to do this flight on the 7th of Nov (Actual flying day) but my Flight sim got screwed up while making a B787 merge with PSS 777 Panel. Fortunately, I have managed to merge it properly and have logged 2 B787 flights so far. Regardless, the below is the screenshot of the very last flight of United Boeing B747-400. Starting off from KSFO on the United terminal. Other Boeing B747-400 on the terminal, notably the Qantas B747-400. One of the last few airlines that will operate Boeing B747-400 for a while. Old and new, Boeing 787-8 sitting next to the retiring girl. APU is on and she is fired up. Getting ready to depart soon. I know I know, I'm still FS9 guy. I dont have the money to buy a new comp for P3D. But hey, FMC is ready, IRS aligned and ready to be programmed one last time. Getting pushed back. Picture from the push back guy. One last snap. Engines are fired up and flaps are down. Ready to taxi. Taxing to active. One last view of SFO while we get to the runway. Turning into active. Getting excited! And we are up. Positive rate, Gear up. Climb to 4000 feet for scenic departure! Turning right to head towards the Golden Gate Bridge. There's the Bridge. Special moment for this UA747 flight. View from outside. Giving a nice view for the Passengers on the left. (Sorry to the Passengers on the right.) One last view of the bridge from the front. Beautiful sight. Final good bye to the bay. Climbing out to our route to PHNL. Cruising at 36 thousand feet. Mach 0.845. Let the drinks flow! Different view from the cockpit. A passing A/C took a photo of this. Descending into PHNL. Our assigned runway is 8L. Overview of PHNL partly covered by a cloud. This time, the full view on the right. Turning on final. Intercepting ILS. All hanging loose for one last time to PHNL. Bit of crosswind today. Looks like 13kts full crosswind. On G/S and LOC. Continue! Seconds from touching down. I know, bit long. But still in touchdown zone. Smooth landing. -3 feet/s. Reversers on. DECEL! 70kts. Reversers stowe. Taxi to gate. Here we are parked next to other United fleet. All turning off. APU on. IRS is off. One last good bye from the cockpit. One last view. Thank you and good bye United Boeing B747-400. Thanks for all the great flyings. joe....
  17. Kiwi to Queenstown

    Wonderful shots, I hope I will be able to visit Queenstown one day in real life. Pretty amazing to read that the FSL A320 is having bugs, for a $140 product...
  18. Making The Move To Victoria

    Congratulations on your new job! It is always exciting to move to a new place but also takes some getting used to. Nice shots and nice setup too, although I hated that Logitech joystick when I had it years ago, I prefer the Saitek ones.
  19. Making The Move To Victoria

    Nice shots Steve. A few of those look pretty realistic. Congratulations on getting settled in at your new home and workplace.
  20. Making The Move To Victoria

    Nice shots! Good to see you're getting settled at your new home!
  21. some insane shots there.. could literally feel those conditions come through! congrats!
  22. Making The Move To Victoria

    Great shots Steve! And what a nice clean desk
  23. Making The Move To Victoria

    Nice shots, and good luck
  24. Making The Move To Victoria

    Nice shots! Love the mountains! Glad your move to Victoria was successful!
  25. Making The Move To Victoria

    Wooohoo, Congratulations once again on your new job and move to Victoria.
  26. Making The Move To Victoria

    Great pic's Steve ..... is that real weather ?? is that a sign of what to expect weather wise.
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