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  1. Yesterday
  2. SAEZ --> LFPG

    Very crisp shots, love it!
  3. HECA --> EHAM

    Nice set of shots!
  4. SQ into Manila

    Guy lovely shots, but wow that’s a rainy & wet departure and landing.
  5. Just a few...

    Oh boy those are some stunning shots of Innsbruck.
  6. Just one

    Beautiful shot Eric! Indeed we are getting spoiled these days.
  7. SAEZ --> LFPG

    Amazing shots!
  8. SAEZ --> LFPG

    Very nice shots ! Thank you for sharing and flying Air France !
  9. SAEZ --> LFPG

    Those are some excellent pictures, Curtis!
  10. Virgin#29 EGKK-TBPB

    Great shots, Jakob! I agree with Wolfgang, this TD shot is sweet! Happy Birthday!!!!
  11. Last week
  12. Virgin#29 EGKK-TBPB

    Now that's bad luck or don't you maintain your aircraft properly!? Love the second to last shot with the left main and right main body struts compressed, while the right wing gear is only just touching down. Happy Birthday!
  13. Hey fellow Tigers! So I just wanted to drop these here from my latest flight from Gatwick to Barbados. At TOD I experienced a dual engine loss on the right hand side. I took care of it accordingly, and landed safely with only -95 in ROD. I have been using the new REX Sky Force for clouds and AS as WX engine. Here are the shots enjoy, and I will head back to enjoy my birthday! Thanks for watching! Now on-wards to new adventures!
  14. SAEZ --> LFPG

  15. Just one

  16. Just one

    Super sweet shot.
  17. Angelo

    Try again but leave BIO and VATSIM/IVAO fields blank
  18. Angelo

    Hello, I am trying to join the United Airlines division of FTG but received this message when trying to join. "e04453" Exam and all fields of applicaton were completed.
  19. Just one

    The QOTSII at AS EDDF on a cloudy day with textures @4096 Sure we are spoiled!!
  20. Just one

    Ah, Her Majesty
  21. Just a few...

    Nothing beats this combo! Especially in winter.
  22. I like a lot the lighting and the mood. And that green too
  23. Just one

    Yes, nothing more than amazing stuff!
  24. Just one

    Love the look of the Queen at eddf. Nice shot.
  25. Just one

    Been simming for a long time and this hobby is better than ever, I feel spoiled.
  26. Just a few...

    Agree with the boss, the Dash and LOWI are like peanut butter and jelly!
  27. SQ into Manila

    Great shots! I love flying into Manila.
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