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  1. Yesterday
  2. Decided to run another flight using my new Orbx scenery on the left coast. This time I chose to run Southwest flight 1764, this leg from Seattle to Las Vegas. I again used the iFly 737, this time with the (fitting) Maryland One scheme. Although I think it’s not well suited to the plane, it is my home state flag, so I had to represent a little! As before, Orbx Global and the left coast packages, but default airport scenery, and using ActiveSky for P3D v4, flown on VATSIM. Taxi out, surprised to see traffic (and ATC) at this time of day (it was around 9:30am West Coast time when I got online). Departure out of SEA, climbing like a rocket ship. I was really enjoying the weather effects in the mountains during the departure. It was pretty overcast, with mountain snow and low visibility for about the first 2/3 of the trip. I finally saw the ground again over the desert. Downwind, with the strip in sight. You may recall I had the pleasure of staying at the Mandalay last spring with my wife for my little brother’s wedding. Hoover Dam. A very neat place to tour. Final approach. On the ground at Las Vegas! Thanks for looking.
  3. Austrian Doggo to Frankfurt

    Suposedly TSS is working on a new MD80 soundset. I have the old one so I am using that one.
  4. Austrian Doggo to Frankfurt

    I was thinking how is the TSS sounds for the doggie? Normally when sitting in the cockpit of an md80 you can’t really hear the engines that much?
  5. Three of a kind

    Awesome Airbus series! Aruba is an airport we don't get to see that often, did you use the TropicalSim version? FlyTampa always seems to be a bit ahead of the other developers, and their BOS seems to be another gem.
  6. Last week
  7. First P3D flight

    Loved that "in the muck" shot! Nice series.
  8. First P3D flight

    Welcome to P3D! Looking forward to seeing more shots as you get more installed.
  9. First P3D flight

    Well, I have a new build spec’d out on Newegg, but I’ll have to do some convincing of the wife (and wait for my backpay from work to come through). If I can talk her into it though... boom!
  10. First P3D flight

    Yeah P3D will use the GTX 1070 much better than FSX:SE. It ran fine on my i7-2700K
  11. First P3D flight

    Yes, it's a bit late (I did the flight over a month ago), but I had finally taken the plunge into P3D. I was hesitant to, since I still have an older system (i5-2500K, P67 board, 8GB RAM, but I did upgrade to a GTX1070 when my Radeon 6950 card died). I figured with them going 64 bit the performance couldn't be any worse than I was getting with FSX:SE (I was still running FS9 for long hauls to avoid OOM problems). Imagine my surprise when I discovered the performance was actually pretty good on my system! So, I did a round trip from Atlanta to Key West, with just Activesky and MyTraffic 6, using the iFly 737-700. Remember, just using default scenery here (I've since gotten Orbx Global and their West Coast areas). On the ground at KEYW Climbing out from the Keys. Cruising Descending, between cloud layers, with some traffic also going to Atlanta. In the muck Final with another aircraft on a parallel approach Taxi with an AF 747 landing (yes, I forgot to turn off the progressive taxi for the shot) I meant to post my flight from last night with the Orbx scenery installed, but the screenshots didn't save
  12. Great video Curtis, What Camera are you using, Ezdok or Chase plane? Thanks
  13. Three of a kind

    Stunning set of shots. Love the wingviews and the magic morningcolours on the flight to BOS.
  14. Three of a kind

    Your sim looks great. Puts my laptop to shame.... Love the Sox livery
  15. Three of a kind

    Thanks John and Aaron. At least someone seemed to like them.
  16. hi, MH001 PM me, i can help for free to take very good videoshot or screen shot, if you want.
  17. Oh yeah, I watched that flight last month. Fantastic production. Wonderful set Jakob!
  18. Austrian Doggo to Frankfurt

    I did it once on an Iberia MD. Remember it being very loud and hot
  19. More trashing hauling the better Nice series mate
  20. Couple of new paints

    Awesome, thanks John. Think I'll take it out for a spin right now!
  21. Three of a kind

    Damn Chris, some real butes there! Shame about the KSAN issue. I use the LatinVFR version and so far things have been ok. Crashes are super frustrating though...
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