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Forum guidelines

Hello, and Welcome to the Flying Tigers Group Message Board (aka Forum)

The primary purpose of this board is to enable members of the Flying Tigers to interact amongst one another, in a positive and constructive manner.

In order for the board to function efficiently, there are a number of rules that members must follow. Please take the time to read the rules carefully, and to adhere to them.

Your forum ID must be the same as your Virtual Airline pilot account ID.

Explained briefly below, are each of the Sub-forums, and Rules:

1) Flying Tigers Group Announcements:
This is where any news concerning the Flying Tigers Group or any of its airlines is posted. Please remain strictly on topic here. Remember to check this forum regularly when anything new is posted. Only management may post new topics here. Members, however, are allowed to post replies.

2) News
- Real World Aviation:
Any non FTG news from the virtual aviation world goes here.

- Real World Aviation:
Any news from real world aviation goes here!

If possible, please try and provide a link to the source of information.

3) Pilot Forum
Any aviation question (Virtual or Real life) may be posted here.
- Getting Started
Collection of tutorials, FAQs and other mostly read-only, informational content.

4) Screenshots
Post screenshots of your flights here. You may also post pics of real world flights, or spotting events.

5) Off topic
- Off Topic
Anything not FS or aviation related goes here. Forum rules still apply. No is still to be no SPAM.

- Love Boat
Please keep this politics related.

6) Wish List
If you have a request for anything flight sim related post it here. However, don’t post requests for payware scenery, movies, MP3’s etc. Before posting, please also check avsim, and other sources, as well as searching the “Flight Training” forum to see if your request has already been answered.

7) Flight Training
Post your flight training (both flightsim and real) related questions, remarks and other comments here. Please stay strictly on the topic in this section -- the Pilot Forum is the appropriate venue for more freeform but still aviation-related commentary.

8) Man Spricht Deutsch
You may speak German in this forum.
“Sie können Deutsches in diesem Forum sprechen.”

9) Forum Francophone
You may speak French in this forum.
“Vous pouvez parler français dans ce forum.”

Members are required to have a nice banner, or signature to identify themselves. Included in your Signature must be at least your real name and Pilot ID. Please do not have any political or racial motivated Signatures. Signatures may be a maximum or 480x100 pixels, and no larger than 40kb in size, and you may have a maximum of one 480x100 banner in your signature. If you do not want to have a banner, then you can just write your name and ID in text. To add your name or signature, or to make amendments to them, go to My Settings, Click Forums, then Edit Signature. If you choose to have a banner image, you can also have a maximum of 2 lines of text.

If you choose to not have a banner image, you can have a maximum of 5 lines of text or 2 rows of userbars. You can combine text/userbars, to keep things simple: one userbar = 2 rows of text.

If you wish to have an airline icon in your signature, the max size is 60x20 pixels.

Signatures not in full compliance with the rules as stated above may be deleted without explicit notice.

* * *

- It is prohibited for members to give their forum login to anyone else. If you give out your login information to someone else so they can post on this forum using your ID then you will be kicked out.

- It is prohibited to advertise, promote or link to other virtual airlines or organizations on this forum. Doing so will get you kicked out of the group.

- No offensive or pornographic material may be posted.

- No Religion Flaming

- No Sexuality Flaming

- No Gender Flaming

- No Airbus versus Boeing Arguments

- Necroposting / Thread Necrophilia strongly discouraged

* * *

Anything posted in this forum is the view/opinion of the member and may not reflect the view of any other member, or the Flying Tigers Group Organization.

* * *

Should a member be in violation of any of the above rules, the member may be, at management’s discretion:

- Warned

- Have various privileges removed

- Banned

- Evicted from the Forum, or FTG, or both

* * *

Rules are rules, and must be followed. If you do not adhere to the rules, management, and/or administrators will not hesitate in taking the appropriate action.

Please also read any other rules posted around the forum in highly visible pinned topics.

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules.


Flying Tigers Group Management

Initially issued by FTG Founder Eric Thornton – 4 January 2006
Revised by FTG President Iikka Meriläinen – 11 July 2006