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  1. Couple of new paints

    Nice work John, thank you...
  2. Nice work Steve and congrats on the 200th airline. A great livery and addition to FTG. Haven't flown in to LPMA for some time, need to do that again soon.
  3. Trash Haulin' to Bangkok

    Awesome pics, love the shading Aaron..
  4. EHAM/AMS plane spotting 2017

    Wow the first shot with the orange 777 is stunning....
  5. Great pics, gotta love EDDL...
  6. Landing in Hurricane IRMA

    Great Video. I must say it was pretty hairy being that close to the eye when it came near Orlando, i can't imagine what it was like for the people in the Caribbean
  7. Nice work Steve, great pics as always.
  8. First Flight in the Connie

    Great pics of this old girl. I hadn't heard about PTA, but will be looking at this tonight when i get home. I guess i would need to remove reshade?
  9. Great series Aidan, can i ask what panel you are using for the 747 Classic? Thanks
  10. QF763's Queen Repaints

    Thanks John, i just saw it and have downloaded it ready to fly tonight.
  11. QF763's Queen Repaints

    Awesome JT thanks for putting the effort in to these. Sorry to hijack the thread but if there was ever a chance of you taking requests please please please can you paint N952CA and N904AR..? Thanks in advance
  12. Cargo'ing it up in S.A.

    great shots please send a link for the MP 747
  13. My repaint thread!

    thanks for the AC 773 John, looking forward to the LR