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  1. SA003

    Testing new rig

    thanks for the feedback Santiago.
  2. SA003

    Testing new rig

    Great pics. Your new rig does it operate with win 10 and FSX? If so do you have CTD and picture freeze issues which I am continuously experiencing. Cheers Stan Koterba(SA003)
  3. SA003

    I've been everywhere man......

    Nice series. 1900D in black is a really cool.
  4. What a lovely story Florian. Made me feel like a little boy again. Oh, and the shots of your bird in flight were great.
  5. Excellent series Brian. I have flown to Gisborne a couple of times and had no delays waiting for trains.
  6. SA003

    Air New Zealand new livery

    Anything better than the old white and greenish, or was it bluish, tail. I like it. reverse colours could be interesting too. Stan Koterba-Tauranga NZ
  7. SA003

    Flight Destroyer

    I thought no pets allowed on flights?
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