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  1. LH475

    Lufthansa flight 600/601

    A bit too dark, but very cinematic nevertheless!
  2. LH475

    Back with a pepsi queen

    Definetly beat my LOA record!
  3. Seems like it is, made for some funny moments xD
  4. Before viewing this post, please make sure this video is playing: Now to the action, you are about to view a neo-classic mixtape of 90's and early 00' flights fly by ANA and JAL. Enjoy! And of course, the landing videos for your viewing pleasure: Thank you for watching! Dōmo Arigatō Gozaimashita!
  5. LH475

    Lufty visits Tiger Boss!

    drool inducing shots, Jakob!
  6. LH475

    Ryanair landing in BHX (P3D 4.2)

    I'm jealous of that framerate, what settings do you use!
  7. LH475

    So Far Away

    To the good old days and to the end of an era; I am so thankful we have neo-classics.
  8. LH475

    Emirates Malta, Larnaca & Dubai

    I think I speak for everyone here by saying this is the kind of spam we want Those are some dank captures!
  9. JTA from Haneda to both Ishigaki and Miyako and JAL to Osaka. The flight to Miyako was my first interaction with VATSIM ATC, which was a daunting experience. I must say I really miss JAL being a full VA here.. (as I'd probably jump ship there instantly..) If only we had JAL and ANA as a merged VA.. I can dream, right? With these flights I am done visiting the currently installed scenery I have for Japan, which means, I'm finally back in my domain: Long hauls! Enjoy! Thanks for watching!
  10. LH475

    Emirates goes to Larnaca

    sublime shots man
  11. LH475

    Etihad OBBI-OMAA

    That last shot is absolutely daijoubu.
  12. LH475

    11 Hours of Shorthaul with ANA

    Those are the Technobrain sceneries!
  13. LH475

    11 Hours of Shorthaul with ANA

    Absolutely not, this was a full day of simming!