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  1. The longest turnaround..

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  2. 4 Years of Hiatus... I don't even know what to say. I'm starting flight training this autumn, hope I succeed. FSX is still kicking!
  3. 500th Airbus flight

    How are you making dynamic lighting work? Those shots are amazing, but how!? Night at 8x MSAA and day at 8x SSAA? Did you mipmap your plane textures?
  4. Those are some kicking shots
  5. Itsumo Daij┼Źbudesu

  6. FTG Build 2017

    Yeah it's poorly implemented, just wait for a fix. You have two options for now: Use 8x SSAA with DL off Use 8x MSAA with DL on + 8x Supersampling OR 2x SGAA in inspector WITH FXAA on. Then you have to add mipmaps to your textures. I settled with option one. Mipmaps look horrible in P3D for some reason. The texture looks like the anisotropic filter didn't pass on it, and I have 16x all the time.
  7. FTG Build 2017

    Wonder if I should do the same. I'd end up with a 32GB DDR3, GTX 1080Ti and i7 2600K@ 4.3GHz. Not sure about the bottleneck...
  8. FTG Build 2017

    So how's the impact with DL and SSAA? The ultimate test!
  9. The Taiwan Strait express

    Give me... your... seeeetingss~ Seriously some damn nice shots D:
  10. Touch Your Heart

    Nice shots :D Cute livery too.
  11. [silently installs p3d4 in the background] Nice captures !
  12. Inaugural P3Dv4 flight for me

    Dear god... Addon list please!
  13. The best PMDG substitute is the IXEG 737 so far. Furthermore we have the FF 767 and the JD A330 as modern deeply simulated jets. They are not as advanced as PMDG but they are advanced enough to let you fly them like you would a PMDG. Of course you have the other Flightfactor/ Jardesign jets and while they are certainly advanced they lack in the visuals. The FF A350 is very nice but it's essentially like the first release of the Airbus X.. minus the bugs... unless you install X-FMC. With the right graphics addons you can get it to look like FSX too
  14. Sick. Will be getting the IXEG soon. I've been hearing way too many good things about it. Also, a little tip. Grab (ReShade + SweetFx) and add contrast edits using the curve commands. I use those settings here: When you are done with this get the latest Real Terra Haze plugin and use this preset here: Put those in one of the RTH_prefs_(1,2,3 or 4) files and load the respective number ingame. I managed to get the sim to look like FSX this way :D Don't forget the aviation flashlight! That thing is a godsend in night ops!