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    Flying my computer all over the place. Used to be a soldier, jumped out of airplanes and swam the seas, skied the mountains and survived some nasty stuff .. got drunk and chased women .. my favorite hobbies.

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    intel (R) Core (TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00 GHz, 4001 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
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    again not bad
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    its a flat screen
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    my P3D is on an internal 1TB HD with all my add ons
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    Big black ASUS Cooler Master
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    2004 and X but I dont like X. I have a heap of 2004 scenery's and aircraft so it's silly to change to X. Plus I just could not make the change, I just didn't like X at all so I changed back to 2004......... BUT .....Now I have Lockheed Martins P3D and since loading it I have not gone back. ORBX sceneries are outstanding.

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  1. Excellent ..... each shot obviously special to you and passed on to us. I love these types of submissions so well done again Stian.
  2. CX101

    Fun flight into Kai Tak

    Excellent Jakob, some lovely shots there... probably one of my favorite routes is Manila to Hong Kong. Great landing mate, spot on as they say so Well done.
  3. CX101

    Couple of new paints

    Excellent again mate.
  4. CX101

    Socal to the Emerald City

    Nice set Aaron, nice scenery too
  5. CX101

    TWA Doggy Boston to Saint Louis

    great series there .... very enjoyable. Love the classics.
  6. That was an epic series Aidan, that had to take you a long time to edit then post all those shots ..... not to mention having to fly the legs too. Great series, quite a few places I never heard of as well.
  7. CX101

    In the shadow of Volcanoes

    I suspected as much as they were quite old, pity. I am going to try and do some scenery when I finally move to my new house in about a month.
  8. As you can see i am flying the Blackbox A320. I had the A330 from two years ago and got the free upgrade to P3Dv4 and I am more than happy with that. I was then prepared to try their A320 and I am happy with that too. The A320 is not yet quite complete they say but I can start from cold and dark, load flight plans, start, taxi, fly and land and shutdown with no issues. The price is very affordable and the contact I have had with the support has always been answered with about 12 hours because of the time difference (Malta) The 330 has many paints but not that many for the 320 yet. I quite like the Blackbox livery so I'm flying that today. Enjoy the pictures. Another volcanoe Welcome to Clark Field my home Airport (RPLC)
  9. CX101

    In the shadow of Volcanoes

    Thats right Aidan, only Manila. Which is excellent but pity about the rest, I flew to Bacolod the other day and just like Legaspi there was only a runway. There are some more scenery in FSX but I have not tried them on P3Dv4
  10. Some Philippine destinations in the next week or so as I test fly my new A320 around in P3Dv4. (Not FSL) Today we fly early morning out of Manila for Legaspi which lies in the shadow of the Mayon Volcano which has been in the news lately. It's only about an hours flight South of Manila near the end of Luzon Island (the main Island) Enjoy
  11. CX101

    A rare visitor to Canberra

    Hi Michel ..... it's P3Dv4 and it's the BlackBox A330
  12. It's still raining here so I have decided to go to the hangar and pull out my A330-200 QANTAS City Flyer and fly her down to Canberra for a test run. Looking good baby Hope you like 🍻
  13. sometimes because the early morning is nice a crisp and clear you can watch the aircraft lining up as you fly the circuit, you can see whats behind and whats in front and count where you are in the lineup, usually QF19 is close to first. Why .... cause you don't want to be behind 4 .. 5 .. or 6 .. 747's full of people all trying to get thru immigration. From 0600 its a lottery as all the overnight flights from Asia/Europe and the USA arrive at 6 and then take a number. Watch on FR one day and see. Nice pics for the overnight flight mate.
  14. CX101

    Vacation trip part 2 SYD-MNL QF19

    Nice shots again .... good ole QF 20 ..... yes many a trip on that flight. IRL I have spoken to some of my friends who are QF pilots and there are 2 flights they hate. This one and the flights to Bali. Most of the crews who fly the QF20 route were standby crew not the usual crews. Probably why the service is usually crap too. Cheers with a cold san miguel mate.
  15. The wet season has started with a big splash, well here anyway. A Tropical Storm out in the Philippine Sea has dragged the Monsoon up to the North of the Philippines and we have had about 5/6 days of continuous rain where I am. So some extra flying is on the cards. I did this flight this morning and decided to take some pics as it has been awhile since my last effort. This is O/H Whyalla and it is very much desert like IRL, not anywhere as green as this picture shows. I hope you liked the pics Cheers