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    Flying my computer all over the place. Used to be a soldier, jumped out of airplanes and swam the seas, skied the mountains and survived some nasty stuff .. got drunk and chased women .. my favorite hobbies.

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    intel (R) Core (TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00 GHz, 4001 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
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    again not bad
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    its a flat screen
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    my P3D is on an internal 1TB HD with all my add ons
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    Big black ASUS Cooler Master
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    2004 and X but I dont like X. I have a heap of 2004 scenery's and aircraft so it's silly to change to X. Plus I just could not make the change, I just didn't like X at all so I changed back to 2004......... BUT .....Now I have Lockheed Martins P3D and since loading it I have not gone back. ORBX sceneries are outstanding.
  1. Couple of new paints

    Mate, that is nice !!!!!!!!
  2. This was my weekend flight Tokyo to Bangkok with stops at Osaka, Taipei, Hong Kong (yes Kai Tak) and finally Bangkok. I made it 2 parts as it would be just too big. Anyway it was time to pull the DC-8 out of the hangar for this flight. Hope you enjoy. Hope you liked part 1 Next leg is into Kai Tak and on to Bangkok.
  3. In Antarctica

    Excellent .... I can feel the cold.
  4. Excellent ....... I had never heard of this aircraft , so it was a lesson for me. The pics did not look too bad for FS9 ..... i will look forward to seeing more classic action.
  5. A rare visit to "The Alice"

    Thanks for the comments guys ...... yep it is pretty much as you see above to what it really is around the Alice. In reality as soon as you leave Adelaide things start going red, Ahhhhh you visiting for Easter again Aidan, have a good trip mate. I'm staying off the roads till after Easter. Stock the ref with beer and Tanduay Ice and i'm happy, plenty of rugby to watch too so that's a bonus.
  6. First P3D flight

    In the long run you will be happy you did, with good scenery now you will enjoy your flying so much better. Enjoy ...
  7. It has been awhile since I did some Australian flying, and as I did get "The Alice" in the Xmas sale I thought now was the time for a visit. It has to be over 20 years since I was last in "The Alice" Taking my Unit stores and equipment by Military convoy from Sydney to Katherine in the Northern Territory for a big Military Exercise. We had about 7 Mack trucks all with trailers as well as 2 shark cats plus a number of smaller trucks, Landrovers and trailers over 25 vehicles in our unit convoy. A total of 7 days driving at convoy speed .... needless to say the MP's had all the rest stops organised, refuelling, overnight areas to accomodate the large numbers of Military vehicles ,,,,, it was huge. The trip to Katherine was not our final stop, it was Nhulunbuy ..... way across Arnhem Land at the tip of the Peninsular to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Wow that was another adventure. Anyway I digress .... back to the easy and quicker part ..... flying. Today I am flying out of Adelaide for "The Alice" I hope you enjoyed the trip.
  8. More great weather, KEGE-KIAH

    Excellent set Steve
  9. Some MADDOG, some BOS, etc.

    Excellent Great series Steve, love your work.
  10. PANC - RCTP - RPLL

    That was a nice set Aaron, welcome to the PI
  11. Northwest Airbus MIA to MSP

    Ahhhhhh I see .......... not being a 10 pin bowler I had no idea. Lawn Bowls I do play (all white)
  12. Northwest Airbus MIA to MSP

    Why "the Bowling Shoe" can someone explain. I'm just interested. I flew NW twice .... Brisbane - Fiji - Honolulu - El Paso and return El Paso - Honolulu to Brisbane back in 1976 it just had the red tail and blue stripe and a 707 to boot. In those days aircraft could not take off with a full fuel load from Brisbane hence the Fiji stop to refuel.
  13. Where eyes are looking.

    excellent .... good to see the DC-3 in the air again.
  14. Northwest Airbus MIA to MSP

    Very nice pics Guillaume .... I love the shots looking back over the engine . That weather looks cold ouch !!!!! It doesn't get under 28C here .
  15. My first FSLabs a320 flight!

    Mate you made a mistake ..... Canberra and the Brumbies are the greatest rugby team ........ haaaaaaaaa well we live in hope.