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  1. G3001

    Queens & Dreams

    wow nice set!
  2. G3001

    TWA Doggy Boston to Saint Louis

    Love the Maddog, beautiful shots! great job!
  3. G3001


    Nice flight, I should fly more often in Asia. I don't think the problem was the kids....
  4. G3001

    HK to CLARK in my new A320

    Nice set, the livery is cool but is weird fly a plane called "Black Box", happy to not be a real airline ?
  5. Looks great, even with no ortho x-plane still awesome, loving flying at night as well.
  6. G3001

    San Fran Diego

    My dreaming setup Great shots!
  7. G3001

    Cleaning the dust

    Haven't been easy to come back, but the passion still the same. hope I can be around more often. Yeah, my only simulator right now. Except for the aircraft all are free add-ons btw. Thank you guys for all the replies, I'll try to do and share more Brazilian classics.
  8. G3001

    Cleaning the dust

    Hey guys, trying to remove the dust from my sim doing some classics. I chose a former Brazilian airline who had ceased its operations on my 22nd anniversary. This flight was a non-stop from Brasilia (SBBR) to Belo Horizonte (SBCF), two great cities in Brazil that I used to travel a lot in my last job. Flight Info: Transbrasil TR791 0715 SBBR - SBCF B733 PP-TEH Pushing back Ready to takeoff Climbing (too busy to take taking off ss) TOC Final Touchdown Slowing down All done!
  9. G3001

    Delta To London

    Nice video Neil, you got the spirit of 767 in this video. very enjoyable flight.
  10. G3001

    Around the Tasman Empire

    Nice shots, I missing the panel shots only, these birds having amazing analogic panels....
  11. G3001

    A Flight 8 Years in the Making

    Congrats Steve, 8 years is long time.... you did an amazing approach, fits perfect at your moment.
  12. Always is amazing see a whale Flying.... good shots !
  13. G3001

    Friendly United

    Wonderful livery, I love 727, perfect for me, thanks for sharing.
  14. A couple of amazing pics, I missing my FS, unfortunately I'm forced to be virtually grounded right now !
  15. G3001

    The flying pencil

    Nice history behind the scenes, is a plus for this flight