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  1. NZ001

    A little GA in my 172

    Beautiful shots!
  2. NZ001

    Mix of shots

    Thanks guys! I also love the “over the dash” shots. Thanks Eric, I have been thinking about making some more mixed shots posts. The 340-600 is from BBS, it’s alright the best out there for now. Haha remind me never to fly Iberia.. 😁 yeah although at the moment no airline yet, need to get all activated again. Thanks mate, glad you like my shots.
  3. NZ001

    Mix of shots

    Hey guys, with work and getting ready to fly again for a living, time for flying is sparse at times. Today I want to show off a couple of my last flights, or rather some selective shots from them. Please enjoy. Thanks for watching!
  4. NZ001

    Thank You FTG!

    Amazing news huge congrats Ioan, I will be missing your shots in here, but hey drop some real life shots then All the best of luck with your new adventures! And jaw-dropping shot you have provided here, and earlier!
  5. NZ001

    FTG Virus Alive & Well

    haha awesome!
  6. Amazing stuff Stian!
  7. NZ001

    Fun flight into Kai Tak

    Forgot to install it hahaha and thanks. 😉 Oh yeah man! and with 4.3 Its even smoother now!
  8. NZ001

    Fun flight into Kai Tak

    Thanks guys, its always a fun approach into Kai Tak. Had in been RW for the first time, it would have been scary as hell. haha
  9. Hey guys, took a flight from Manila to Kai Tak with an Air France B744. Hope you guys will enjoy Thanks for watching!
  10. NZ001

    Double post of PAX and TRASHAHAUL

    Thanks mate! 😉 I am very pleased with the sim now.
  11. NZ001

    Socal to the Emerald City

    Amazing shots Aaron! Which airbus is that?
  12. NZ001

    Trial run...

    Hey mate, welcome back to the screenshot madness hehe. Search for tomatoshade (or someone can give a link, I’m on vacation at the moment). It’s amazing and will make wonders. Along side with AS NEXT (wx) And REX SKYFORCE for clouds and stuff like that, then you’re set. Good part now is you do not have to do a complete reinstall of P3D when ever there comes an update, only the Client is needed. Scenery and Content are secondary not a necessity.
  13. NZ001

    Double post of PAX and TRASHAHAUL

    Thanks guys! Oh it’s been ages for me as well! Michel I have no clue at all haha. I can only guess it’s because of my departure that they are celebrating hahaha
  14. Hey guys, So today I would like to show two flights, one with Air Newzealand (NZAA-YSSY) and the other is ATLAS AIR (YSSY-ZSPD) Finally got up to 4.3, and seems to have fixed the issue I had in 4.2, with a lot more smoothness to it. Hope you guys will enjoy! NZ103 5Y245 Thanks for watching!