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  1. Hey guys, This time I was flying to a place I never flown to before which was Tehran, Iran. Lufthansa operates the route with the mighty queen! Lets head towards Tehran! And now back to Frankfurt! Hope you enjoyed this little flight!
  2. NZ001

    East Coast USAir Doggy

    I simply love the maddog, great shots!
  3. NZ001

    Back with a pepsi queen

    Beautiful Yannick! And welcome back! 😁
  4. Holy shit thats alot of JAL! Amazing!
  5. NZ001

    Lufty visits Tiger Boss!

    Thanks Chris! Oh yeah I have been waiting for this scenery to be released with eager! Thanks mate! Haha oh yeah it was! Haha you’re not the only one that really wants this to be released! Yeah, and on this flight we were nearly full! Thanks Ioan!
  6. Hey guys! Sitting talking were everyone is from made me miss Detroit. So found a good old 744, paint from JT (awesome work!!). LH#442 from Frankfurt to Detroit. Here we go, enjoy! Oh hello old friend, missed you Detroit! Will have to find a Tigers game (baseball). Thanks for watching! 😉
  7. NZ001

    3,000 logged FS flights

    Looks amazing, and congrats on the milestone!
  8. NZ001

    Boxing around with Aerologic!

    Thanks mate!
  9. NZ001

    1st X-Plane Flight

    Regarding Tomato, is it Bright you have chosen? But awesome shots!
  10. NZ001

    Boxing around with Aerologic!

    Thank you all so very much! I am so happy where my sim is right now
  11. Hey guys! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! This flight I want to show is from Leipzig to Kentucky, Cincinnati. Welcome onboard Aerologic #392! https://i.imgur.com/YKHWVDa.jpg[/img Thank you very much for watching, I hope you guys enjoyed the flight!
  12. NZ001

    Emirates Malta, Larnaca & Dubai

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate it a lot! 😁
  13. Hey guys, so I wanted to do one huge post (so I don't spam the forums), the two last flights are done with Reshade 3.0.4, Tomatoshade and Reflectionmaker. And the first is just with Tomatoshade and Reflectionmaker. Bear in mind there I am still tweaking my HDR settings with the new Reshade, and Tomato preset. Hope you guys will have fun watching! EK109 Larnaca-Malta EK110 - Malta-Larnaca Last flight back to Dubai onboard EK110 Thanks for watching guys!!!
  14. Amazing video, and quality!
  15. NZ001

    Emirates goes to Larnaca

    Well that’s super weird, I have to select each shot and chose B.B. forum and place that link here so it will appear. (I’ll pm you)