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    Excellent pictures, Aaron!
  2. YSSY ---> SCEL

    Great pics! You are truly a long haul specialist it seems.
  3. That's what I love about Aidan's screenie sets. There's always something special, be it a Space Shuttle, an IL-62 or an amphibious plane.
  4. It might not be the best model, but the IL-62 is surely the stand-out of this set. Well done!
  5. Nice pics, as usual 007!
  6. WF602 Trondheim - Tromsø (4K)

    Masterly series, Aaron!
  7. It's Been A While!!! Catchup pt1

    Great having you stop by from time to time, Andy. Nice shots!
  8. FSUIPC not found

    Hello, please sign in for full forum access with your pilot ID and password. We can help you much better there than on the guest forum. As a first response, I can tell you that the payware version of FSUIPC is not needed to make FTG ACARS work.
  9. Deep across the Pacific

    Cool pix, Josh!
  10. Still looking good, Michel!
  11. Random P3Dv4 shots

    Nice quality there!
  12. Making The Move To Victoria

    Nice shots! Good to see you're getting settled at your new home!