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  1. A bit of the Icelandair fleet

    As cool as ice! Nice shots Andri!
  2. Couple of new paints

    Well John, this goes basically go down to one simple question: Do you enjoy doing repaints? From all I've seen (your outstanding work and the effort and dedication you put into it), I guess the answer is yes. Please correct me if I'm wrong. So my second question to you would be: Why would you let a thief and a clueless, braindead a**hole that jumps in to defend him (please excuse my explicit language) ruin your fun? If these guys can't respect your wish to permit usage of your work, don't make it available to them. Do your paints for private use only. Or restrict access to people you trust by using a password that only is given out via PM or only posted in certain forums (like the FTG forum maybe?). I don't want to try to talk you out of retirement, just make you think about it again. Don't punish yourself to punish these morons!
  3. Great shots, great Info! Well done, Martino!
  4. A rare visit to "The Alice"

    Very nice, Guy!
  5. Montreal YUL spotting 03-03-2018

    Very nice collection, Michel!
  6. Nice shots Guillaume! Do this for the 'Gimli Glider Experience'. Multiplying by 2.2 will get you there.
  7. KMKE Spotting 2-26-18

    Great pictures, Alec!
  8. MADDOG to Tromso

    Nice ones! That's a fantastic looking Doggie. @Christoph Can't be much colder in Norway than it is here in Munich right now. -9°C at noon.

    Excellent pictures, Aaron!
  10. YSSY ---> SCEL

    Great pics! You are truly a long haul specialist it seems.
  11. That's what I love about Aidan's screenie sets. There's always something special, be it a Space Shuttle, an IL-62 or an amphibious plane.
  12. It might not be the best model, but the IL-62 is surely the stand-out of this set. Well done!
  13. Nice pics, as usual 007!
  14. WF602 Trondheim - Tromsø (4K)

    Masterly series, Aaron!