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  1. QF068

    Emirates Malta, Larnaca & Dubai

    Fantastic shots. The effects make a big difference. Make mine look like subLOGIC's Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 circa 1983!!!!😕
  2. great shots, I gotta say I still like that old colour scheme!!
  3. Great looking plane the A346...
  4. Huge effort Aidan!! you would have logged your max flying hours on this one. Top post mate.
  5. QF068

    Continuing SWA left coast

    great paint job.
  6. QF068

    More Left Coast Fun

    Cool set.
  7. QF068

    A rare visit to "The Alice"

    NIce shots. I too like that retro paint job. I dropped into the Alice last week from YBCS. Almost zero vis!!! couldn't believe it...
  8. QF068

    More great weather, KEGE-KIAH

    amazing pics mate
  9. QF068

    Three of a kind

    Your sim looks great. Puts my laptop to shame.... Love the Sox livery
  10. QF068

    Montreal YUL spotting 03-03-2018

    Great pics, not the AC variety we see here in Oz..
  11. QF068

    Some MADDOG, some BOS, etc.

    Maddog shots look like RL photos... Stunning
  12. love the 777 touchdown shot...impressive
  13. QF068

    Pepsi 855 Seoul to Beijing

    shots 11 and 12 look like photo's!!! Great set up.
  14. I love this series, so much effort put into it. Love the B744 departure and final approach shots. great stuff Aidan......