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  1. Pepsi 855 Seoul to Beijing

    shots 11 and 12 look like photo's!!! Great set up.
  2. I love this series, so much effort put into it. Love the B744 departure and final approach shots. great stuff Aidan......
  3. Flying boxes around!

    Short final, over the wing shot, just amazing....
  4. My first FSLabs a320 flight!

    Sure would have been different if you had programmed the FP correctly and ended up in Christchurch!!! Nice shots Steve....
  5. fabtastic shots and tour. Thanks
  6. It's Been A While!!! Catchup pt1

    Wow would have been a long trip to get that G reg down to the UAE!!!! Welcome back..

    your sim looks top nothch..
  8. Awsome post!!!!!!!!! Great mix and loved the train. I was on that very train, Gatwick express from Victoria a couple weeks ago. Heading down to Brighton. You were not alone in the skies, plenty of seperation anxiety (lack of)
  9. Freddie goes Dubrovnik

    Back pain is terrible and unless you have suffered through it you just would not appriciate how incapacitating it is. I have had 3 prolapsed disks. C3, L4 and L5. Mine have been caused by degeneration after 30+ years of Rugby, yes, self inflicted. All eventually resolved without surgery, but all left me totallyincapacitated for 3-6 weeks. I stayed away from pain killers as they have mixed results with nerve pain. Honestly red wine was what helped me sleep and its much easier to give up red wine than it is serious pain killers. I have manged to avoide any more issues, ironically by strengthening my back at the gym over the last10 yeras or so. I am 49 so if I can do it, you can too. Hang in there mate.
  10. Landing in Hurricane IRMA

    WOW!! I'm sure the odd drink got spilt in the back.........
  11. Great stuff. What does the shuttle flight look like on you log book map????
  12. nice shots, you have a great set up.... Is that Brisbane to Cairns???
  13. Watching those boats race was amazing. NZ crushed Oracle USA