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  1. SQ004

    Just a few from 2018

    Thank you all for your comments Tigers, very appreciated
  2. SQ004

    Virgin Queen, EGKK-KMCO

    Ah, the Queen... You can't go wrong! A great set of pictures Rob, I like those wing views too!
  3. SQ004

    Italian Maddoggin'

    Wow Aaron! What a series of shots! The Dog is one of my favourite aircrafts Me too. I can also see a glimpse of romanticism.
  4. SQ004

    Just a few from 2018

    Many thanks Boss! And also to you! Thank you guys for letting me know.
  5. Hello Tigers! The SD card of my mirrorless went full so I decided to format it, but not before having saved some of them. "Wingies" are a courtesy of LA001. Long live the Tigers Happy 2019!
  6. SQ004

    2018 Collectors Edition

    An astounding set, Christoph, as this traditional and awaited post deserves! Happy New Year to all, fellow Tigers
  7. SQ004

    Tenerife South Departure

    I'm not a fan of photoreal scenery but hey, these shots are quite impressive. Maybe something is changing... Happy New Year Aaron!
  8. SQ004

    The year that was 2018

    A stunning set Brian! And a bunch of special liveries . May the new year bring what you deserve!
  9. SQ004

    Vagar Atlantic Airways Arrival

    AMAZING! Congratulations Cristoph for your P3D, and to John for another magnificent livery. Oh, those wing views...
  10. Wow Stian, an impressive set indeed. I love the passion that springs from your post and that we share all together .
  11. SQ004

    Couple of new paints

    Congratulations John! Your liveries are the best! A big thank you for all of your gorgeous works.
  12. SQ004

    3,000 logged FS flights

    Sincere congratulations for the milestone, the shots and your sim. Every one of them deserves this wonderful community of admirers. Firm handshake Mr. Sebek
  13. "We have commit and we have lift-off! Lift-off!" Super shots Jakob, congratulations. I love to see the dog rocketing through the sky
  14. SQ004

    Meridiana Maddog from BCN to LGW

    Super fantastic shots Guillaume! Can't wait to hear those cockpit sounds again
  15. SQ004


    Wow! A great set Aaron . The approach to Manila is gorgeous