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    Wow! A great set Aaron . The approach to Manila is gorgeous
  2. Stunning shots! Sincere congratulations Guillaume! I can't wait to complete the switching to P3D to caress the Queen again.
  3. Departing for KEF

    Thanks guys! Iceland is what I consider a stairway to Heaven. Maybe one day I will get a one-way ticket to this beautiful land ...
  4. Departing for KEF

    Hello again Tigers, just some shots to share my most recent trip as "left-seater". Enjoy !!! Departing Oslo [wingies courtesy of Federico (LA001) ] My compact camera is always ready for some spotting ... Iceland insight
  5. One moody

    Speechless! Stunning shot Valentin! More please
  6. Just one

    Ah, Her Majesty
  7. Just a few...

    Thank you all for your kind words fellow Tigers Hoping to post more shots soon Scenery provided by ORBX, Aidan
  8. Just a few...

    Thank you Michel. Innsbruck is a pearl Indeed! See you there for a beer!
  9. Just a few...

    ...departing Innsbruck in the Dash 8 Enjoy
  10. Another batch of randoms.

    Oh my gosh! Some shots (both the AeroLogic ones for sure) could be confused with real world pictures Congrats Stian!
  11. You have reached an amazing goal Steve, we need to celebrate Congratulations!
  12. Amazing Vector at night (P3D4)

    An astounding set of pictures Santiago! Reality is as close as never before
  13. Baby FEDEX

    Wow! Brilliant shots Jessica "Eyecandiness" all around
  14. Congratulations Steve, I wish you the best for the years to come! A great set of pictures for this Anniversary