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  1. TG163

    Emirates goes to Larnaca

    Excellent stuff, Jakob.
  2. TG163

    Air NZ Domestic Widebodies

    Wonderful pics and videos, David.
  3. Great stuff, Brian!
  4. Wonderful video, Javier.
  5. TG163

    Etihad Abu Dhabi-Cairo

    Magnificent shots, Jakob!
  6. TG163

    Etihad OBBI-OMAA

    Cool shots as expected, Jakob.
  7. TG163

    Cruising over Seattle

    Good ol' times...
  8. TG163

    RCTP -800F

    747-8 Cathay trash hauler looking good here, Mike.
  9. TG163

    11 Hours of Shorthaul with ANA

    That's the spirit!
  10. TG163

    11 Hours of Shorthaul with ANA

    Sounds like fun! Of course, you didn't use time acceleration, didn't you? Great pics, Ioan!
  11. TG163

    Mad dogging

    Simply sensational, James!
  12. TG163

    A bit of the Icelandair fleet

    Fantastic pics, Andri!
  13. TG163

    Couple of new paints

    Yessah! Fantastic job, John!
  14. TG163

    Cross the Pond

    Cool pics, Jim. Flightaware is special, indeed. Flightradar24 is definitely the source to get your data from.
  15. TG163

    First Run - XP11

    I love the lighting in XP. Great pics, Mike!