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    My family, beer, flight simming and my 550 ltr. salt water aquarium

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    i7-3770K OC @ 4.9 GHz
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  1. It's Been A While!!! Catchup pt2

    Magnificent set, Andy!
  2. It's Been A While!!! Catchup pt1

    Great comeback, Andy! Good to see you again.
  3. Magnificent pics and video!
  4. WF602 Trondheim - Tromsø (4K)

    True Aaron quality shots! Marvelous!
  5. Deep across the Pacific

    Cool pics, Josh!
  6. BA #328 EGLL-LFPG

    It looks cool, but a bit too bright I think.
  7. Random P3Dv4 shots

    Nice batch of screens, Stian!
  8. Magnificent pics, Michel! There's no reason why you should hide your FS9 shots. They are better than some P3Dv4 screens around here.
  9. Congrats on your new components, Javier! And nice picture.
  10. Couple of new paints

    What a beauty! Time to to fly AC again! And BTW...Da Mahn!
  11. Beautiful as always, Jakob. I got some problems about telling which setting I like better, because the pics are taken at two different times of day. But I think, I like the 2nd set better.
  12. UA747 the final flight

    Magnificent pics, Joe! Great tribute to the end of an era at UA. A350? I already had the pleasure to fly with it from Doha to Munich. Thinking of many of those retiring A330s being replaced by A350s. We will be seeing lots more of them in the future. Looking forward to it.
  13. Making The Move To Victoria

    Great set, Steve! All the best for your new life in Victoria.
  14. Nice pics, Christoph and congrats on those two milestones!