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  1. LH085

    Godspeed FTG

    Hi guys, just a last hurrah. Feel free to contribute your farewell screenshots. Will miss dear Lufty.
  2. LH085

    2018 Collectors Edition

    OMGGGGGGGGG Quality quality post Chris! Love the action at DCA and Kai Tak!
  3. LH085

    My Repaints

    Really nice!!
  4. Fabulous early morning hop Jakob! The sky looks great. Yeah, full reinstall is a week-long process...
  5. LH085

    Tenerife South Departure

    Wow very nice Aaron! Love the flying tampon
  6. LH085

    The year that was 2018

    Wow lot's of colors in here! Amazing set
  7. LH085

    SAS to VĂ¡gar Floghavn

    Wonderful Jakob! Looks like an adventurous destination
  8. LH085

    Couple of new paints

    Awesome! Delta 319 maybe...?
  9. LH085


    I didn't know our forums allowed for Stage 1 noise compliance LOL
  10. LH085

    Crete to Nuremberg

    Great set Aaron! How do you like EDDN?
  11. LH085

    Mix of shots

    Fantastic Jakob!! You never disappoint
  12. LH085

    Thank You FTG!

    Fantastic shots Ioan! The very best of "merde" in your future, and as Aidan says, it's more like a "see ya later"! I wouldn't mind some real flying shots in the future... ?
  13. LH085

    NorthWest DC10

    Excellent set Rob! This particular shot is very DC10!
  14. Gorgeous set! Rest of us mortals would be all over the bed during these several "commutes", but not Mr Bond. Also, three hips for that A320-100!
  15. LH085

    FedEx MD11F

    Awesome awesome SCUD that banked departure is badass. This should be tagged NSFW, btw.