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  1. SAEZ --> LFPG

    Very crisp shots, love it!
  2. Just one

    The QOTSII at AS EDDF on a cloudy day with textures @4096 Sure we are spoiled!!
  3. Just a few...

    That's a good menu Garçon, more of the same please!
  4. Wow an Ilyushin Il-62, what a beast!! Another movie with Sean "Spoiler" Bean. He tends to die in the most pompous ways. Fantastic set as always Aidan! I was in the assumption that Cleese did Q in this one, maybe it was the next one up. He apparently was too busy looking for a proper cheese shop.
  5. FSL Collection (Long post)

    Oh, EDDF has always been thirsty. Yesterday I forgot to lower my AA settings for arrival at FRA and all I saw was a slideshow fest. It was the high AA and DL, even though my machine is quite good.
  6. LFPG --> SCEL

    We need a quality payware scenery for Santiago Airport.
  7. LFPG --> SCEL

    Cool shots! We need a new SCEL badly, I MEAN BADLY
  8. SQ to WADD

    LOL, we all did it!
  9. FSL Collection (Long post)

    I too have GES and AS EDDF and also get blurries here and there. But cannot live without the amazing scenery. FSL is truly worth the buck, and I was a nay-sayer myself. Very good set Aaron!
  10. ZBAA - ZSPD FX

    Mike you sure must be appreciating the Q key!! Nice set with the Triple
  11. NZAA--> SAEZ

    That's the most lonely flight in the world lol! Trust me I did it. Fantastic set Curtis
  12. OMAA --> KLAX

    Really nice! How was performance approaching LAX?
  13. Gold Coast

    Thanks guys!! Indeed it is! No probs on my side, it actually has been updated to P3D3 and it works flawlessly in V4. Thanks Michel! I actually have some relatives visiting from New Denver BC. They fled from the Winter
  14. Gold Coast

    Mike's got it right, I got it from Avsim http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxscen&DLID=175183 I thought it was from aussiex.org but no. Nevertheless, the guys from OZx have awesome freeware sceneries which blend too well with FTX AU.