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  1. Air NZ Domestic Widebodies

    David, I'm going out of my way and congratulate you, for this is soooo NNNNEEEEERRRDDDDD Haha love it!
  2. Etihad OBBI-OMAA

    Impressive to say the least! Although I have my reservations regarding performance. I haven't tried it yet tbh.
  3. 11 Hours of Shorthaul with ANA

    I love multi-legs! But with a Triple 7, this is on another level of awesomeness. Very good pics Ioan, quality stuff! Care to give us a hint on the sceneries used?
  4. Couple of new paints

    BFT Big F***ing Thanks!
  5. Italian Doggo Milano to Catania

    Yeah, it's SOP in Italy to get the elbow out while flying, sort of like driving the Fiat minivan through Napoli downtown and screaming to other drivers.
  6. Couple of new paints

    Yeah!! Was waiting for that one
  7. Fedex Long Haul

    The 777 is so sleek in landing configuration. True beauty.
  8. To be fair, watching the Jaguares is giving me an aneurysm. It's like they make a step forward and two steps back. I have faith in the program, but they are nowhere near the top, especially if we consider the Jaguares a Pumas-lite team (29 of the 30 players in the Pumas are in the Jaguares lol).
  9. Oh darn it! I was toying between Dalcross and the Gaelic name...oh well!
  10. Wow, this is really a RTW post! Excellent thoughout! Ok, let me tackle the trivias: East Midlands Airport Easter Road, Meadowbank Stadium ), Murrayfield and Tynecastle Stadium In order: Hibernian FC, Edinburgh City FC, Scottish Rugby Union and Heart of Midlothian FC I'd venture to say that Murrayfield is the famous one! (and that it holds all things Rugby Union, intead of football) Dundee ...Place where RRS Discovery vessel was laid down and it was used for Robert F Scott and Sir Ernst Shackleton's first foray into the Antarctic continent River Tay? Inspiration for one of Rolls Royce river-named engines That would be Inverness Airport Inbhir Nis? Moray Firth and Ness River to the West This trivias are fun!
  11. Couple of new paints

    I know how you feel John, It has happened to me as well in other hobbies. The best is to take some time, go golfing or find something else, and see if the bug comes around or not.
  12. Oh yes, the municipal jetliner! I have always seen it as the precursor to the A320.
  13. Couple of new paints

    Indeed! We throughly enjoy your work. I barely lfy anything that is not painted by you. I will always be thankful for it! Enjoy the new ventures!
  14. In Antarctica

    That was awesome Vlad! As probably the closest FTG member to Antartica, I've been in awe of the white continent for some time now. What a letal thing of beauty.
  15. Oh yeah, I watched that flight last month. Fantastic production. Wonderful set Jakob!