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  1. AF271

    China Southern to Zhangjiajie

    Thanks a lot for your comment guys ! Actually I was quite lazzy to make one myself so I just found one on a Chinese forum on the net. Yes the ZGGG scenery is freeware (can be found here : http://www.vatprc.net/index.php/en/en-resources/viewcategory/51-fsx ). It's decent but lacks taxiway signs though (they can still be manually added in the AFCAD I guess).
  2. Hi tigers ! I haven't posted screenshots in ages, mainly as I'm really busy with real life stuff... However, I managed to fly a short and interesting hop today, flying with China Southern Airlines from Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie. Some of you might wonder why on Earth would I want to fly there (airport isn't even in default FSX). The answer is simple, the area has some breathtaking landscape there in real life : Now, on to the shots ! Boarding at ZGGG. The jetway is broken ('cause it was made in China *baduum tssss* ) so pax will have to board via a staircase. Pax shot this pic while boarding. Pushback time. Taxiing to the active, the METAR reported some TCUs, it started raining shortly before departure and some lightnings can be seen here and there around the airport. Holding short, the weather radar is...interesting. Blasting out of Guangzhou. Banking right shortly after takeoff to follow our SID. Into the clouds we go ! Crossing traffic (Shanghai Airlines I believe), 1000 feet below us. The airspace was quite busy during the whole flight. Cruising. The race is on, wonder who's going to win ? Approaching our destination, as expected the area is surrounded by quite a few mountains, keeping an eye on the vertical profile is essential from now on. Final runway 08. Touchdown ! No traffic here (one departed as I was on approach), the ground crew is awaiting our arrival. On blocks, welcome to Zhangjiajie ! Thanks for watching guys !
  3. AF271

    Air China to Pyongyang

    Thanks for the comments guys ! Well, the one I found is an updated AFCAD so default generic buildings but the layout is accurate.
  4. Hi all ! I haven't posted any screenshots in a while now due to mainly a lack of time. However, here are a few shots from a sort of unusual flight, Air China from Beijing to...Pyongyang, North Korea. Nothing fancy, apart from the destination. Enjoy ! The Yalu river marks the border between China and North Korea. Russian beauties Tupolev Tu-204 aka the Soviet 757. Welcome to North Korea, now are you ready to pay Kim Jong-un a visit ?
  5. AF271

    A few old random shots

    Thanks for the kind comments guys ! Same here, I think the Oasis livery looks great on the Queen. Yeah I also have the Oasis HKG-LGW-HKG DVD. Do you have the Oasis training DVD as well (the one were they go to Manston) ? Is it any good ?
  6. Hi all, Long time no see, real life is keeping me quite busy lately… I was browsing my "FS stuff" folder and stumbled across some old shots from late 2013 (was still using DX9 and UT2 back then). I had totally forgotten they were there, so it was quite a surprise to find them (and a bit of nostalgia remembering all those flights haha). After a quick selection, here are those I think are not that bad looking : That’s all folks !
  7. Cool pics Cristian ! Nice to see another fellow IVAO user around here. Personal side note : would you mind not posting shots as .png but .jpg please ? Loading time is better with .jpg and for screenshots there are no benefits of using .png over .jpg.
  8. AF271

    AF Concorde to Kai Tak

    Thanks a lot for the kind comments guys ! Yep, it's indeed the FSLabs Concorde X. It has a (very) steep learning curve, but it's simply an overwhelming pleasure to fly. It's one of those few aircraft, which really gives you a sense of accomplishment once you arrive at destination and set the parking brake (especially when doing the job of the flight engineer as well as those of the pilot/copilot). I've been flying it for years and still am not bored of it (and never will be).
  9. Hi guys, I haven't been to Kai Tak in ages, so I decided to fly there today, of course with Concorde. The best classic bird, for the best classic airport ! This flight is from Nagasaki to Kai Tak. It was chartered by the Nagasaki Prefecture in 1990 and this is the first return leg back to CDG. At our gate at Nagasaki, catering is being loaded for our 100 passengers. Shot taken by one of our passenger while boarding. Without any doubt THE best office in the world ! Pushback completed, starting our short taxi to runway 32. Tiny Dash 8 landing, we're next. Lining up. Seconds after takeoff, climbing out of Nagasaki. Reheats are back on for the transonic acceleration, from around M0.95 up to M1.7. Bumpy climb due to weather. Cruising at M2.02. Taiwan on one side. China on the other. Fast forward to the approach phase. Turning to intercept the IGS rwy 13. Cockpit view approaching Kai Tak. Manual flying following the approach lights, the checkerboard is in sight. The famous turn. Touchdown. Reverse thrust set and slowing down. Taxiing to our gate. Welcome to Hong Kong ! That's all folks !
  10. You mean FSX and not ATI. As I said, I only use 4x in the fixer. What this does is enable the AA in FSX and write one or two lines in the fsx.cfg in order to have that 4x AA. My ATI settings are on 'application managed' so I believe nothing is actually managed directly by the ATI control panel (but I'm no AA guru, so I might be wrong here, please correct me if I am).
  11. Thanks a bunch for your kind comments guys ! Weird, the VC shadows have no impact on my side (at least none that I can actually see) even though I'm running an old AMD X3 450 CPU and an old ATI HD5770 GPU. Regarding the AA, I only use 4x in the fixer. Nothing else (application managed in ATI CCC and my system oddly can't run RadeonPro, the ATI equivalent of Inspector).
  12. Thanks Ioan ! Regarding shadows, I simply ticked the 'aircraft casts shadows on itself' or whatever that option is called. This enables me to also have virtual cockpit shadows (as I'm using DX10). Also, I'm using the FSX native PA A380 model (converted by Thomas Ruth) in order to have the Wilco A380 (v2) virtual cockpit work with the Project Airbus external model.
  13. Hi all, Here are some screenshots of my latest flight from Dubai to Kuwait city. It's a short hop for the massive A380 but was perfect for testing my Project Airbus/Wilco A380 v2 panel/virtual cockpit merge. I don't know if I have to laugh or cry whenever I see the Wilco A380 (v2) panel and virtual cockpit. The graphics and systems are so bad it's nearly unbelievable. They even invented some buttons/systems which aren't there on the real bird (like a centre tank) ! But apart from that, the horizontal/vertical navigation and speed calculations work ok, so all in all the bird is still flyable from point A to B. Anyhow, on with the shots. Parked with the other big boys at DXB. Emirates is the largest A380 operator with currently 52 (!) aircrafts in service. Momments before pushback, a (rare) A340-500 can be seen taxiing in the background. Starting pushback of this massive aircraft. Taxi to runway 30L. Line up runway 30L. And rotate, even with 517 passengers on board, we're still pretty light for this short flight. Climbing out of DXB. Cockpit shot (yeah it looks like sh*t, but it's Wilco so what did you expect ? lol) Typical A380 tailcam shot. Already descending towards Kuwait city after a rather short cruise. Final runway 33L. The mandatory touchdown shot. Spoilers, reverse green. The size difference between the A380 and the A320 is really impressive ! Slowing down, a rather fast process as we're pretty light. Taxiing in. At our gate. Hope you guys liked those shots of this (ugly) massive whale.
  14. Thanks a lot for the comments guys ! Cruise was around 5mins max, which indeed felt like 1min when one has to do the job of the Capt, FO and Flight Engineer all at once. The takeoff roll was just insane, I was airborne just seconds after releasing the brakes. Same for climbout, I was already at cruise FL before the end of the SID (max 20nm out). Gotta love this magnificent bird (which looks like a swan)... The memorial card I found on a video on Youtube. Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure to fly onboard Concorde. This bird has been haunting me ever since I was a little boy. Even when that beauty was still active, she had some sort of mystical aura surrounding it IMO. There were regular airliners (meh...) and there was Concorde. I can still clearly remember the mid 90s when my father went back from a trip, he just had to say "guess what I saw at the airport ?" for me to scream "Concorde !". Yeah these guys standing around doing nothing at LHR remind me of how I use to be when I worked at LFPO (and other airports). Professional, yet I seized every opportunity to chill out and check out aircrafts whenever I could. Expect more from me. I still need to finish my AF Concorde 1986 world tour. Will post screenshots as soon as I can.
  15. Hi fellow tigers ! I haven't posted screenshots in ages so here goes. This is flight BA9075/BAW9075C from LHR to MAN. It was flown in 1982 during the football world cup. Before anyone asks, yes the world cup that year took place in Spain. So why a Concorde flight from LHR to MAN you say ? Concorde carried pax from MAN to MAD for the final match, as shown here : I assume the flight from LHR to MAN was a ferry flight, so I flew it without any passengers, only the standard crew of 3/6. Therefore, the aircraft was very light and it almost felt like flying a fighter jet. Simply awesome ! Also due to the very short flight time and (typical) increased workload (as I'm alone doing the job of 3 people in the cockpit) this flight was truely challenging. Anyhow, enough writing, on to the shots. Note that the livery is accurate but not the registration (I think that reg was from when G-BOAF was leased to Branniff). No comments this time due to a lack of time (sorry). That's all folks !