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  1. QF737

    Kiwi to Queenstown

    Great shots! With regards to the FLX/CL thrust detents, you are able to widen the gates via the MCDU. Page 10 of the Introduction Guide has all the answers!
  2. QF737

    Back to Black

    Into YBBN there is LEAKY, BOATS, SINNK when approaching from the south, and DRAIN, PLUGG, SINNK when approaching from the north.
  3. QF737

    Air China to Pyongyang

    Full schedule is definitely available - http://info.flightmapper.net/airline/JS/FNJ Only 4 destinations.
  4. QF737

    VOZ #2 Los Angeles to Sydney

    Can't beat the view on approach to 25 ;)
  5. QF737

    Few from YSSY

    I read on the FlyTampa forums its to do with DX10 If you really want to get rid of them for now delete the files starting with PapiHalos*.bgl
  6. QF737

    ANZ into Brisbane

    Thanks guys!
  7. QF737

    A Virgin went to Hobart!

    I really miss Virgin's red livery. Suited their 737-700's perfectly
  8. QF737

    ANZ into Brisbane

    I've been really enjoying the Aerosoft Airbus X lately and coming into Brisbane from Norfolk Island this afternoon I just a tad distracted on finals over Moreton Bay.