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  1. 500th Airbus flight

    beautiful shot as always. As for an 'obvious' mistake, nothing sticks out to me. First I though maybe you shut the wing lights off a little early, but the truth is I don't even know when it's the right time to do that. heh. Then I thought maybe you should have been flying an even altitude but then I remembered some blurb a few months back about N/S air routes and how those don't always follow the even/odd protocol exactly, so I dunno!
  2. My first FSLabs a320 flight!

    Keep an eye out for my next set-- I believe I use a paint or two of yours
  3. those are really something! Great shots.
  4. My first FSLabs a320 flight!

    Haha, I'm dumb-- Queenstown...meant Queenstown. And Eric, it went much smoother than I expected, but wanted to check out some scenery I never used before so I took the leap of faith
  5. After about a week of watching videos and taking notes here and there, I finally got the stones to try out a full flight. What a bird! I almost didn't cue up ACARS for this one but decided to at the last moment (in fact, it recording my landing speed and cruise altitude totally wrong so I am hoping my edit of the PIREP makes it through!) and enjoyed a lovely hop from Sydney to Christchurch. I'm glad I finally took the step to learn this one, and look forward to their future variants. In fact, it is now very unlikely that I invest in the v4 variants from Aerosoft- it's just not comparable. Here are just a few shots-- there wasn't much to show since this is almost 100% flown over the water. Enjoy.
  6. Just one

    Love the look of the Queen at eddf. Nice shot.
  7. Thanks for the compliments, guys. Going to start streaming in the near future once I work out audio issues!
  8. Gotta do what we've gotta do, sometimes
  9. First time flying airBaltic, I believe. Just a little 1-hour hop from Riga to Copenhagen. Enjoy!

    Thanks guys, and thanks Ian-- it's at a level where I'm pleased with it for sure... and it hasn't really hit me yet that that's basically been a project that's been 10+ years in the making. Thanks be to the flight sim gods for v4! edit: and note, more so than the looks, I'm just happy to finish long hauls between big payware airports, with big payware planes, without worrying about the sim crashing!
  11. The approach into SFO was kind of meh so there aren't as many shots of that. Had a great flight into Honolulu today though!
  12. SBGR - KLAX, AA216

    Nope, unless ORBx lights configurator messes with them? Or maybe Active Sky cloud art??
  13. SBGR - KLAX, AA216

    I haven't posted flight sim shots to Reddit in awhile but thought it was time
  14. SBGR - KLAX, AA216

    Thanks guys Guillaume, I agree on that. Frankly I wish they figured out a way to do every 777 variant...feels incomplete in a way, and "wrong" to do these flights sometimes with equipment that isn't technically correct. Maybe it's just me
  15. SBGR - KLAX, AA216

    Hello there, Started up a flight last night and landed her after playing 18 holes this morning The flight out of Sao Paulo was late-night so there wasn't much to see of it. The majority of these shots are of the dawn approach into KLAX. Enjoy.