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  1. WN014

    1st X-Plane Flight

    Hi, it's the default 737 with Zibo Mod. I was skeptical when people said the mod was PMDG quality, but really they weren't lying. It's equal to the PMDG-- and much, MUCH better on sounds.
  2. WN014

    1st X-Plane Flight

    It worked great for one or two flights, but then it just started loading totally black planes. Probably has to do with the reflection program-- though I never touched it after the first install and setup. No biggie, loving this fresh stuff on X-Plane so far.
  3. WN014

    1st X-Plane Flight

    I shouldn't call this a first flight because I'm not really sure how to do X-Plane with FTG (manual PIREP, I guess?), but basically TomatoShade seemed to screw up my p3d pretty hard. I'm sure it's an easy fix, but for the time being I thought it would be a good time to finally check out X-plane 11 for real. I've had it basically since it launched and hardly touched it. Started with some default stuff like Zibo and some MisterX freeware. Then I spent a few bucks on some stuff like the 320, and a few airports. Now I'm kind of hooked. The realism level really jumped after I bought xEnviro today, too. Here are some shots from a small flight I did today. Enjoy. *This first pic is a little choppy because I hadn't yet realized the default xEnviro setting are set to SUPER low quality.
  4. I do love that All Blacks livery a lot. Can't wait to fly it in v4, though I'm also slowly tinkering with giving x-plane a go as well. Awesome shots, friend.
  5. WN014

    A bit of the Icelandair fleet

    Very nice!!
  6. WN014

    United 737-800 fun

    Ah cool, east of Bmore. I hear much of the same from my friends in MD-- just looking to get out of there asap. I'll be heading north of Dulles Intl in June with my wife to escape the condominium life here in Fairfax County, to a town called Leesburg.
  7. WN014

    United 737-800 fun

    NIce pics, man. Where in Maryland are you at? I live in northern VA, but went to Hopkins so I've spent a lot of time up there. edit: got rid of doubling OP's pics with my quote
  8. WN014

    Couple of new paints

    The flight sim community that exists on Facebook really does seem a little pitiful. I may just be biased, or you can say I'm being an old geezer and judging the young ones harshly, but I look at the exchanges these kids have about various things and it's just always so stupid. So I'm in no way surprised by the evidence JT posted. I get involved in some conversations here and there, mainly about troubleshooting products or upcoming releases, but it's all just so catty that I prefer to just stay away for the most part. Further, and I can't confirm this, but I look at a lot of the people lacking maturity on FB and assume that they're being typical teenagers and pirating the hell out of most of the software they're using. That's really just intuition though and nothing more-- it concerns me because I know piracy harms the companies that makes the products we love. In sum, a lot of these FB groups, and the people in them, come off to me as being a bunch of dirty rats and I much prefer to converse here. Tavers, ultimately you know we support you in whatever you do with your liveries. Whether you make new ones or not, whether you jump the freeware ship and turn it into a business or not, and so on. But I do think that in the virulent space that is the at-large flight sim community on Facebook, someone stealing your work is all but guaranteed to happen. These kids just lack decency all too often for them not to.
  9. WN014

    Couple of new paints

    Sad for your work to cease, but I could imagine it's for good reason. Just for your own information, if you ever seek to make a side income in the future, I'd gladly pay for your liveries. They're the best of the best, and better than what some of these livery artists put out there for $$$, without question.
  10. I echo what Santiago said. "V" is the easiest way to do it. They save in a good resolution, and I just open up my plethora of shots after a flight and I sort the ones I want to keep into a "to be edited" folder since I have to cut out the P3D frame and the stupid red text for the view that NEVER goes away. And that's it, voila! Your machine seems powerful enough to produce some awesome screenshots- looking forward to that- though I will say for a few pics in your previous post the cell phone effect actually kind of worked out well!
  11. Cool shots. I flew out of Stewart on a chartered MD-80 back when I was in college since I played in the band and it was time for the annual college basketball tournaments. It's cool taking off and seeing all of the military heavies they have there.
  12. WN014

    Dashing from Budapest to Riga

    Cool, I have NVidia, so I'm guessing I have this feature already. Do you just pull it up and record as you approach, or can you take multiple clips that save? (which you can edit later)
  13. WN014

    New york to Buenos Aires

    Vid's super smooth, man. Looks great.
  14. WN014

    Dashing from Budapest to Riga

    Looks awesome-- have to get back into the Dash-8 sometime soon. What do you use to record video?