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  1. Hi! I got Scenery mesh with airports FS9 (Ushuaia, Punta Arenas ....) at flightsim.com. Search in library there for patagon1.zip; patagon2. ... 3 and 4.zip. Its not so perfect, but better than nothing. greetings Roger
  2. Hi! There is another method, an easier I think, without doing it with coordinates. If you arrived at the destin airport go back in the map to the departure airport by zooming out. Klicking with left mouse on tower and hold it. Go with it near to the arriving airport, set it in the near, zoom in the map and set the tower nearer and nearer by holding it, and place it near the runways or wherever you want. Even though I have walk & follow, I prefer this method yet.
  3. LH751

    Night Flying...

    Hi! I think he starts from Newark and arrived to Boston( crossing runways, little islands). Great moon - Great Shots :cheers: