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  1. Virgin#29 EGKK-TBPB

    Now that's bad luck or don't you maintain your aircraft properly!? Love the second to last shot with the left main and right main body struts compressed, while the right wing gear is only just touching down. Happy Birthday!
  2. Cast: James Bond – Pierce Brosnan; M – Judi Dench; Q – Desmond Llewelyn; Natalya Simonova – Izabella Scorupco; Xenia Onatopp – Famke Janssen; Alec Trevelyan – Sean Bean Trivia: The political changes since Licence to Kill had made it possible to film the chase with the tank in the city centre of St. Petersburg. However, before the film team was allowed to bring its tank, they had to prove that its weapons had been made unusable. Due to Russian red tape, the film team had to apply for more than 150 administrative approvals. Once it had come to the attention of the local authorities that vital parts of St. Petersburg would be destroyed in the movie, filming had to be interrupted for one day to explain, that this did not mean destroying historic buildings but setting, produced particularly for this purpose. In St. Petersburg almost nobody had ever heard of 007, because all Bond movies had been on the index in the USSR. The bungee jump in the opening sequence was a world record as highest bungee jump from an immobile object by stuntman Wayne Michaels (210m). To enable the team to shoot some close ups, he made a second jump only moments after the first. The BMW Z3 Roadster was Bond’s first German car. Desmond Llewely, who had played Q for the fifteenth time, admitted, that although playing a technical genius, he is not talented in that respect. When he had problems opening his hotel room with a chip card somebody came to help him and said: “You should know how that works!” 16 minutes ago, we intercepted a distress call from a supposedly abandoned radar station at Severnaya. The satellite has picked up a picture of the missing Tiger helicopter. After the distress signal, the helicopter took off and the Russians scrambled three MiGs to intercept it. We suspect Severnaya might be the ground station for a secret space-based weapon program called GoldenEye. I want you to find GoldenEye.
  3. Cast: James Bond – Timothy Dalton; M – Robert Brown; Q – Desmond Llewelyn; Pam Bouvier – Carey Lowell; Lupe Lamora – Talisa Soto; Franz Sanchez – Robert Davi Trivia: The scene where Bond resigns was shot in Hemingway House in Key West, where the famous writer had lived. The sentence “a farewell to arms” is an homage to one of Hemingway novels. It took six weeks to shoot the truck chase on Rumorosa, a desert road west of Mexicali. A total of eight trucks were required. Licence to Kill was the last script from Maibaum who was screen writer for 13 Bonds since Dr. No. It is also the last appearance of Timothy Dalton as Bond, Robert Brown as M, Caroline Bliss as Miss Moneypenny. Most of this due to the relatively long break of six years between Licence to Kill and the next film GoldenEye. You have a job to do. I expect you on a plane to Istanbul this afternoon.
  4. Cast: James Bond – Timothy Dalton; M – Robert Brown; Q – Desmond Llewelyn; Kara Milovy – Maryam d’Abo; General Georgi Koskov – Jeroen Krabbé; General Leonid Pushkin – John Rhys-Davies Joe Don Baker, who played villain Brad Whittaker in The Living Daylights played CIA allied Jack Wade in GoldenEye and Tomorrow never Dies. During shooting the opening sequence Dalton met a captain of the Royal Artillery with the noticeable name James Bond. General Pushkin is the reason Koskov defected. He took a secret directive from Pushkin with him: Smiert Spionom, “Death to Spies”. An assassination programme for British and American agents. Soviet and Western intelligence could destroy each other. Pushkin should be in Tangier in two days time. A termination warrant has been issued for him.
  5. Cast: James Bond – Roger Moore; M – Robert Brown; Miss Moneypenny – Lois Maxwell; Q – Desmond Llewelyn; May Day – Grace Jones; Stacey Sutton – Tanya Robert; Zorin – Christopher Walken Pinewood studios burnt down completely and were rebuilt within only four months to be ready before production of A View to a Kill commenced. The local authorities allowed May Day’s base jump from the Tour Eiffel to be shot on the historical location under the condition that filming was done early in the morning to limit impact on local traffic to a minimum. The parachute landing on the wedding boat took only two takes. The fight between Bond and Zorin on the Golden Gate Bridge has been shot on location as well. Moores double was secured by a belt in 250m height. Lois Maxwell has her last appearance as Moneypenny in A View to a Kill. She was the only remaining crew member who had played in every Bond movie since Dr. No. The title song by Duran Duran was the only Bond Song reaching no. one in the US Charts. One of our private defence contractors came up with this: a chip totally impervious to magnetic pulse damage. When comparing it with the chip Commander Bond recovered from the body of 003 in Siberia, they’re identical. That means that the KGB must have a pipeline into that research company. Six months ago that company was acquired by an Anglo-French combine: Zorin Industries. Zorin is into horse racing. Later this month, Zorin will hold his annual sales at his stud near Paris. Security is formidable. But the key to this mystery is there.
  6. Cast: James Bond – Sean Connery; “M” – Edward Fox; Miss Moneypenny – Pamela Salem; “Q” Algy – Alec McCowen; Domino Petachi – Kim Basinger; Fatima Blush – Barbara Carrera; Largo – Klaus Maria Brandauer; Ernst Stavro Blofeld – Max von Sydow Never Say Never Again is not part of the franchise produced by MGM. Kevin McClory, the producer and co-writer of Fireball, won a lawsuit against Ian Fleming to allow him to make his version of Thunderball. Connery had told his wife that after Diamonds are forever he'd never play James Bond again. Her response to him accepting the role in Never Say Never Again was for him to "never say never again". A certain young Steven Seagal was the martial arts instructor for this movie. He broke Connery's wrist during training. Yesterday morning the American air force launched two cruise missiles from Swadley air base in Great Britain. The dummy warheads they carried had been replaced with live nuclear warheads. These weapons of destruction are now in the possession of SPECTRE. Blofeld threatens that they will be moved to two secret targets A communications officer unofficially left Swadley base at the time of the launch. A certain Captain Jack Petachi. His sister, Domino, has been seen together with Maximilian Largo. Enormously wealthy. Largo is resident in Nassau, Bahamas. Owns the biggest boat in the Carribean. Spends a lot of his time at a place called Bluebeard Reef.
  7. Cast: James Bond – Roger Moore; M – Robert Brown; Miss Moneypenny – Lois Maxwell; Q – Desmond Llewelyn; Octopussy – Maud Adams; Magda – Kristina Wayborn; Kamal – Louis Jourdan The minijet was an Acrostar and the smallest jet worldwide at that time. It had a maximum speed of 450 km/h. The wings of the original jets could not be folded. This was a special feature of replicas for the movie. The taxi trikes had a maximum speed of 100 km/h and were build in the UK and then shipped to India for the film production. The fight on the wings of Kamal’s plane was filmed on an actual plane at high altitude with the stuntmen Jake Lombard and B. J. Worth wearing parachutes. Maud Adams is the only female actress playing main roles twice in the Bond series (Octopussy and The Man with the Golden Gun). Good Morning, 007. A near-perfect forgery of a Fabergé egg turned up in the hand of dying 009 in East Germany. The originals are priceless and very rare. Carl Fabergé made them a gift for the Russian royal family. The real thing is being auctioned at Sotheby’s this afternoon. This is the fourth egg to turn up at an auction this year. It’s from none of the usual sources. Anonymous seller, numbered Swiss bank account. The vendor probably is Russian. We’d better find out, what they’re up to. You will accompany Jim Fanning, our art expert to the auction. You could try and spot the seller.
  8. Cast: James Bond – Roger Moore; Moneypenny – Lois Maxwell; Q – Desmond Llewelyn; Melina – Carole Bouquet; Bibi – Lynn-Holly Johnson; Kristatos – Julian Glover; Locque – Michael Gothard Al Giddings of the electrical department was responsible for the underwater shots when 007 and Melina are pulled over corals by a speed boat. In 1997 he was responsible for the underwater shots in Titanic. John Glen, part of the second team and cutter in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and The Spy Who Loved Me was promoted to director in For Your Eyes Only. Producer Broccoli was impressed by his performance which earned him director honors for the next four movies. Bernard Lee, who had played “M” since the beginning of the series died in 1981. To honor him, the role was not assigned to another actor and the script was adapted accordingly. The lines M would have said, had to be taken over by Q and two others. Cassandra Harris (playing Lisl) married during the production a certain Pierce Brosnan who would take over the role of James Bond about 15 years later. There you are, 007. We had to send a helicopter for you to pick you up. Five days ago, our spy ship St Georges was sunk in the Ionian Sea. She was equipped with ATAC. If that transmitter would fall in the wrong hands, it would render our entire Polaris fleet useless. We asked Sir Timothy Havelock, a marine archeologist to locate the wreck. Before he could send in his report, he and his wife were killed by a Cuban hitman, Hector Gonzales. Gonzales is at a villa near Madrid. Isolate him and apply the necessary pressure to find out who hired him.
  9. Concorde and Shuttle in one post! Well done, 007. In which Shuttle model did you travel to Drax' station? M
  10. Cast: James Bond – Roger Moore; M – Bernard Lee; Moneypenny – Lois Maxwell; Q – Desmond Llewelyn; Holly Goodhead – Lois Chiles; Carinne Dufour – Corinne Clery; Drax – Michael Lonsdale In the closing credits of The Spy Who Loved Me it was announced that James Bond will return in For Your Eyes Only. But only a few months later producer Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli announced that the next 007 adventure would be exclusively based on the novel Moonraker. One of Drax’ archetypes was played by 22 year old Melinda Maxwell, the daughter of Lois “Moneypenny” Maxwell. Bernard Lee, who had played “M” since the beginning of the series has his last appearance in Moonraker as he died in 1981. 007,as you are on your last leg from your African job at last: a Moonraker disappeared. It was being flown over here on a loan from the Americans, on the back of a 747. It crashed somewhere in the Yukon. The aircraft is totally destroyed. There is, however, no sign of Moonraker on the crash scene. Not a trace. You have to find out, whether the shuttle was hijacked in mid-air, 007. We’ve got to find that Shuttle. Shuttles are built in California by Drax Industries. So California is your place to start.
  11. Cast: James Bond – Roger Moore; M – Bernard Lee; Moneypenny – Lois Maxwell; Q – Desmond Llewelyn; Major Anya Amasova – Barbara Bach; Stromberg – Curt Jürgens The Spy Who Loved Me is not based on one of Ian Fleming’s books but only takes the title from one of Fleming’s book with a completely different story. For Stromberg’s supertanker the biggest stage at that time was build especially for The Spy Who Loved Me. The parachute of stuntman Rick Sylvester did not open in time when shooting the skijump at Mount Asgard in Canada. While this was a dangerous situation for Sylvester, the production team was enthusiastic, as this extended the freefall part of the jump. The missing nuclear submarine Ranger had 16 Polaris missiles aboard. Its prearranged course to her patrol area has been traced. We got the tracing in a diplomatic bag in Cairo. Somebody got hold of the plans of the tracking system and is trying to sell them. They sent us that that tracing as proof that it’s genuine. This means that the Russians can track our nuclear submarines underwater and sink them which means they can totally undermine our Western defence strategy. Here are the details of our contact in Egypt. You leave tonight.
  12. Cast: James Bond – Roger Moore; M – Bernard Lee; Moneypenny – Lois Maxwell; Q – Desmond Llewelyn; Mary Goodnight – Britt Ekland; Andrea – Maud Adams; Scaramanga – Christopher Lee One of the highlights is the 360 degree role car stunt, which needed months of preparation. The car required special adoption: the motor had to be exchanged, the steering wheel moved into the middle of the car and the whole weight had to be completely balanced. The exterior filming of the Queen Elizabeth was made at the real wreckage in Hong Kong. The interior, however, was filmed in Pinewood Studios in England. The sheriff from Live and Let Die has a second appearance in The Man with the Golden Gun as he was very popular with the audience. Maud Adams (playing Andrea) has a second appearance in Octopussy. Today's instructions for our secret agent are: We have received a golden bullet with your number and the fingerprints of a man called Scaramanga aka The Man with the Golden Gun on it together with a note requesting “special delivery” to you. I’m relieving you of your present assignment, 007. I’ll endorse your request to resign. Or you can take a sabbatical and go to ground until this matter is settled. But if you find Scaramanga first, that might change the situation dramatically. Good day, Bond.
  13. Roger Moore had been suggested by Sean Connery as ideal Bond. The bad boy in Live and Let Die, Kananga, is named after the owner of the real crocodile farm, Ross Kananga. The real Kananga suggested the stunt in which Bond escapes from the crocodile farm over the backs of the animals and was also the one who would perform the stunt. Catherine Deneuve was considered as Solitaire before the role was assigned to Jane Seymour. Cast: James Bond – Roger Moore; M – Bernard Lee; Moneypenny – Lois Maxwell; Solitaire – Jane Seymour; Doctor Kananga – Yaphet Kotto Today's instructions are: Good Morning, 007. You haven’t much time. I’ll explain as you pack. Three of our agents have been killed during the last 24 hours. Dawes in New York, Hamilton in New Orleans and Baines in the Caribbean. You’re going to find out whether these killings are connected. Baines was working on a small island in the Caribbean called San Monique. Dawes was in New York, keeping an eye on its prime minister, one Dr Kananga. Hamilton was on a loan to the Amricans in New Orleans. Dr Kananga is at present in New York. Here’s your ticket to New York and some background material on San Monique. Your flight arrives at 11.30am.
  14. After 7 weeks in Europe, I'm back

    Hell of a trip! Welcome back Aidan!
  15. Singapore Air BKK to SIN

    How did you get them to work?