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  1. PA666

    NorthWest DC10

    Is it Christmas already? Rob your shots made me as happy as a child Great work!
  2. PA666

    Italian Doggo Milano to Catania

    But that was not a mistake, it was standard Alitalia procedure ... to clear the cockpit of sigarette smoke during takeoff.
  3. PA666

    Italian Doggo Milano to Catania

    Wonderful shots and esquisite choice of airplane and airline. I did that flight I couple of times irl, didn't know you were at the controls!
  4. Wow! Great shots and wonderful classic action Guy. I can hear the power and the music just by watching the smokey shots Thai livery fits the DC-8 perfectly.
  5. It is time to publish something from my crappy FS9 setup. And the release of a quality FS9 freeware of an obscure airplane seems the perfect opportunity. And because FTG is such a wonderful community run and expanded by great people. The world's only airline operating this airplane was added to FTG Classics just in time! The year is 1980, the airline is Air Inter, the aircraft is the Dassault Mercure. Air Inter was a domestic French airline publicly founded in 1954 to create cheap and fast connection between France cities before road and railroad infrastructure development. As a matter of fact one of the main shareholders in the company was SNCF, France's public train company. After high speed roads, faster cars, car ownership, and more importantly, high speed train TGV took over, in 1990 Air Inter lost most of its reason to exist and began merging with Air France that completely absorbed the company in 1997. Naturally Air Inter was subsidy-forced to prefer French built aircrafts. Was an early adopter of Sud Aviation Caravelle, Airbus A300, Airbus A320, ect. Interesting enough, this small airline based in Orly was the launch customer and only customer for the Dassault built Mercure. Marcel Dassault, founder and owner of Dassault Aviation, was a groundbreaking pioneer of jet aviation and supersonic fighters and wanted to use his knowledge to create a French reply to the popular Boeing 737 and an updated replacement to the early but aging Caravelle. His expertise allowed the creation of an efficient airframe with efficient wings and therefore a light aircraft with faster cruise speed than Boeing 737. His company experience with fighters and private jets helped to pack the little airplane with the best analog flight systems and instruments. The Dassault Mercure had Cat IIIA autoland, two people flight deck, lot of war-inherited system redundancy, and was considered by all pilots safe, easy, and relaxing to flight. Thanks to the Caravelle experience, Marcel Dassault knew that in order to get international sales he needed an American engine, powerful, reliable, and common enough to get spares in all airports. By installing Pratt & Whitney JT8D, the same engine mounted on the widely popular Boeing 727, 737, and McDonnel Douglas DC-9, he was able to attract lot of interest early on. But the military and private aviation experience created the reason the Mercure was unable to get orders. In military and private aviation every single flight has maintenance and refueling. In commercial aviation, short flights are done continuously during a day and maintenance and refueling are done once or twice a day. The light and efficient frame, intended to short flights, was created with very narrow payload margins. At max payload the aircraft was able to carry fuel for just one leg. Carrying fuel for two legs meant reducing payload. Economically no airline could afford all that downtime between legs and extra refueling bills. Unable to economically change the design to increase payload, and without orders, Dassault got government financing to complete the development of the aircraft and the government forced Air Inter to buy all produced aircrafts. All 10 of them! Thanks to government 20 millions subsidy for running the Mercure, Air Inter was able to operate them at a profit. Passengers loved it, pilots loved it, the company loved it. It was so useful that Air Inter even bought one of the prototypes and added it as the fleet eleventh Mercure. It needed constant refueling, but was able to fly in all weather conditions and was able to always fly even if maintenance was needed because of military grade redundancy. The model was such a good workhorse that was kept in operation from 1974 to 1995, performing 44,000 flights per aircraft, carrying a total of 44 million passengers without a single accident, and with 98% reliability. In december 2017 Mario Noriega published a very nicely done freeware version of this airplane for both FS9 and FSX. The model comes with a great animated model, sound, 2D and 3D panels, comprehensive documentation, checklists, manuals, repaints. All files are hosted at Historic Jetliners Group: http://simviation.com/hjg I just finished learning the basics and doing some test flights. As soon as I get certified for the type I think I'll try and do all Air Inter routes our classic timetables kindly provide. Thanks for watching.
  6. PA666

    Where eyes are looking.

    Great video and wonderful piloting!
  7. PA666

    500th Airbus flight

    Congrats Chris! And thanks for sharing the great shots.
  8. I'm jealous, next time I want to land in the snow too Eric, can we add that route to the database ... pleeeeease
  9. PA666


    just ... w o o w !
  10. PA666

    MD-11 Visiting LEMH

    Very nice video! I used to survive worse landings when Alitalia had them departing Milan LTU livery suited threeholers very well BTW have you used some sort of filter on the video? thanks for sharing
  11. lovely beast! SAS livery suits her perfectly. As always, the quality of your shots makes me want to lauch my FS out the window
  12. Wow great shots and lot of cool informations to make them even more precious. Thanks!
  13. PA666

    Grand Prix Event 7

    Wonderful action, I love the Sabena livery
  14. Because I kind of felt in love with Cote D'azur, I planned to use Nice as a stop over a second time. Fortunately that allowed me to use beloved Caravelle and Concorde. Leg 1: Cold but clear winter morning in Barcelona. Some rich Italian tourist are boarding. I swear I saw undercover mob members there, probably on their way back after a survey for planning the next italian job. But as any other decent italian pilot I kept my mouth and eyes shut. Bullet holes would ruin my Armani uniform! We took off very heavy, our fellow citizens sure love to travel with their entire wardrobe. And we are fueled for the entire multi leg route all the way to Rome. The Caravelle VII-N engines are very clean and are virtually leaving no smoke trail As soon as we reach cruise altitude and the autopilot is doing our job (while we take its paycheck), me and my fellow copilot enjoy a cup of coffee and comment of the new hot cabin assistant and her clearly too short skirt. My copilot even wanted to spill his coffee just to make her lean over to clean for a good laugh, but the professional Italian in me suggested we do it on the last leg of our working day, and he agreed. During decent our passengers enjoyed another spectacular view of the French riviera. I swear I can see my sailboat from here, parked in Cannes for tax reasons ... hem ... logistic reasons. Hope no Guardia di Finanza agent is on board First generation jet typical 3 gear "flat" landing. Sorry for the missed centerline but you try landing a Caravelle with one hand while holding a 30 foot selfie stick out of the window!! After debarking we passed our Gran Prix relay baton to a French crew. Those snobby French didn't even try to speak a word in Italian! I guess they are jealous we build faster and louder cars ... Leg 2: After a classy night in Nice we arrived at the airport to prepare the Concorde and meet the Italian crew to take their place for the next leg. Those slobs put more effort in their wardrobe than in their education and were unable to understand our perfectly international French. We played a racist joke on them and their clueless reaction was more funny than the joke itself. After leaving them we boarded, made sure we had plenty of fuel to waste on this meaningless abuse of supersonic equipment, and proceeded with a globe warming takeoff. After a challenging departure to avoid inhabited coasts, made even more dramatic by our low weight (just 38 tonnes of fuel on board), we had a pleasant flight over a cloud dressed France. Autothrottle was unable to keep clean thrust at MACH 0.95 and we had to do that by hand. Was strange to pass Paris without descending and to cross the pond, we rarely do that. Of course British ATC was surprised to hear a non BA Concorde entering their space. This time it was our turn to wake up entire London neighborhoods during approach. Like in our worst British stereotypes, London was covered it the mist. The extra effort of the manually flown instrument approach was not felt because of the hilarity in the cockpit. Our side of the Manche is clearly the best Final approach. Malheureusment the fog was 800 feet high and instrument approach became visual, but that ensured everyone would see the Air France livery on this Concorde. Lets teach those Brits how to operate a French airplane. One second before touchdown and our first Classic Grand Prix points See you all for the last event
  15. It barely does, but its a really nervous moment every time Will take a picture next time! (If I'm not to busy yelling and moving my arms around like crazy trying to get things done)