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  1. PA093

    NorthWest DC10

  2. PA093

    NorthWest DC10

    Great shots, I would echo Dennis' request as well. Can you please share your Panel.cfg file? Ernie supposedly made a panel for this bird, but I don't think he ever shared it with anyone.
  3. PA093

    It's Coming...

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  4. PA093

    FedEx MD11F

  5. Great Pics!..... Please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed the FedEx MD-90 in the very first picture?!?
  6. When last we left you we had just arrived at KMCO in our Delta CV880. Since then we have hopped from KMCO over to KMIA in a National DC-10, sadly I do not have pics of that flight(the CLS DC-10 doesn't have a National livery). We rejoin the action at Miami International Airport circa 1966ish. Short hop from KMIA up to KPBI, back to Delta. This time in a lovely and elegant lady, the DC-7. Enjoy!! Note: the first few had the Shift-Z info in them at the top, I'm sorry...... Hear the throbbing sound of 4 Wright R-3350 Duplex-Cyclone radials pushing out 3,250 HP each.... Lifting off out of Miami.. Climbing with the engines spitting out fire like a dragon... Reached our Cruise of 10,000 feet. She has a bit of a nose down attitude, still learning the proper settings. Beginning our descent, had to use the Speedbrakes to help get her whoa'd down a bit. Autopilot has her a little high on the Localizer. Just passed the numbers. Truth be told, probably flared her a bit to high. Touchdown... Clear of the active, whilst a Bahamas bound DC-3 climbs into the air overhead. One last shot of our beautiful Lady... Was a fun flight, I'd had a realization a few weeks ago when I finally got my Yoke working in Windows 10. I, once again, have a working Throttle quadrant and can adjust Prop and Mixture, and have a bit better control of the throttle. So I headed for the CalClassic site and started looking around. Expect more of these Propliner flights in the future. Low and slow, sometimes, is the way to go.
  7. PA093

    Wicked Thunderheads

    Great shots, I'm wanting to get a flight in her again, as I haven't flown her since the big update, at least not "in anger" I did a couple patterns with it. I first need to get my butt to a good place to fly some hops with her. As for the TFDi model, it was a good plane when it came out, the last update to 1.0.8 fixed pretty much all of the issues and she's a joy to fly, especially hand fly. My only real complaint is the wonky way the reversers work.
  8. PA093

    ATA L-1011 to Honolulu

    :jump22: :awesome: Home State Airline Love!!!!
  9. PA093

    My Next Frontier

    very nice! Will Florida West be fully merged as well or is it staying "independent"?
  10. PA093

    Holy ............!

    What gets me is, I know it's supposed to do that, but the sheer suddenness of it is just mind blowing.
  11. Now for something completely different! Too many QOTS2, 777, and Airbuses..(Airbii?) Flights, let's go back a bit. Atlanta to Orlando with Delta, in speed and style! Delta 93 KATL -KMCO Convair CV-880 At the Gate with a fellow Speedy next door Pushed back and starting up About to wake up the Greater Atlanta area GE CJ-805's hurtle us away from the runway and also fumigates the Atlanta Municipal Airport area. Climbing out of Atlanta Cruising at FL310 and M.878 TOD First Notch of Barn-Doors MCO just off the Left side Nearly there Rolling Out, surprisingly, if you follow the procedures, you don't need the Reversers Vacating the Active This was a fun flight, Pics would've looked better in the day, but oh well. They actually turned out pretty good for an HJG bird designed for FS9! I figured this would be a nice switch from all the "Modern" birds to something that's actually a "complex" plane to fly. If you haven't tried one of these you need to, it's a very hands on plane, you're constantly monitoring and making adjustments to it. But man, it's fast. Making plans to fly it's bigger and faster Younger brother soon! Hope ya'll enjoy them.
  12. PA093

    QF763's Queen Repaints

    Looks Great!, You gonna have a stab at United's Charter 74?
  13. Well, I had this flight all planned for a couple weeks, however I could never quite get it to kick off without some kind of issue, usually FSX crashing. Usually around the same point in time. Quick Google of the .dll that Event Viewer said was crashing, turned up the same issue with FSX for Win7 64bit users from a few years back. Tried the fix and it worked! However the flight finally getting out was not without more issues, a couple were related to the TFDi 717 itself, the final one was the ATL Scenery. Anyways, Here's few shots of Delta 1648 MDW-ATL in the TFDI 717. At the gate at MDW Taxing to 4R..insert some quote about escaping a plague of Locusts ;) Climbing out of MDW Behind us is the desolate winterscape of Illinois, below is the desolate winterscape of Kentucky, between the two is the lush, green paradise of Indiana. Unfortunately, I have no approach and landing shots. This is for two reasons. #1, I checked the active Rwys before I started the flight, when I arrived in the area I discovered the AI had swapped ends on me, so I made a quick straight in. #2, I had installed the Demo for ImagineSim's KATL 2016. I thought my system was pretty good, but the Demo version of the airport brought my system to it's knees. I was trying to land manually in a slideshow. It, "evened" out a bit after touchdown. Here we are vacating the Active Parked at the Gate. Hope you enjoy them.
  14. PA093

    Southwest Short Hop

    Thanks guys, What size do you use with BBcode?