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  1. AF041

    Couple of new paints

    Outstanding John! - as usual.... Max Peck AF041
  2. AF041

    Couple of new paints

    Yes John. Sad indeed but you have certainly earned the right to say no more. Thanks for all you have done and the wonderful things you have done for all of us too inept to do it on our own. All your hard work much appreciated!!!!!!! Regards, Max Peck AF041
  3. AF041

    Couple of new paints

    Beautiful John - and timely. I just got the new ZBAA scenery and wanted to fly there from CYVR so your repaint arrived just in time. Thanks as always for sharing!! Regards, Max Peck AF041
  4. Great pics!!! Thanks for sharing and nice work on the checkerboard approach! I am looking forward to migrating from FSX to P3Dv4 but I think I will wait just a bit until things get settled a bit. Can't wait to not have to worry about the dreaded OOM! Regards, Max Peck AF041
  5. AF041

    Martinair Cargo B744BCF (PMDG)

    Great shots Jakob! I flew KJFK to RJAA yesterday in the original Northwest livery and I agree the plane is amazing! The sounds are so immersive and when I hit some bad turbulence between all the rattling and shaking I thought I was going to puke (I'm running on three screens)! How was your landing? I planted her at -185 fpm but I will get the hang of it - hopefully..... Regards, Max Peck AF041
  6. AF041

    Couple of new paints

    John, Thank you so much for all of your repaints and continuing refinements. Truly outstanding work! When you release one I start looking for flights to use them on with airlines flying to destinations I wouldn't have ordinarily chosen. You have really expanded my flying horizons so thanks and please keep them coming! Regards, Max Peck AF041