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  1. It works, been that way for almost 50 years. Kinda on the principle that they combine the forces of both the yaw and pitch axis at that strange angle. Hell of a job to rig those surfaces though. 223877[/snapback] Actually, I think the Bonanza got poor long-term reviews in real life - because the V-tail wasn't really such a good idea.
  2. VS920

    Never Enough of the Queen

    Absolutely stunning - great job! Now, take a look at pic6 and the reflection on Engine 1. Looks like a jetway in mid-air! (It's on the other pics too). Wouldn't want to board under those circumstances!
  3. Great shots! What aircraft are you flying? I'm having trouble getting my Virgin Blue 737-700 to show up. It's a real "stealth" aircraft when I put on tower or spotter view! Are you running FS'04? I'm running '02, but the file is supposed to work for '02 (virginblue_737-700_kittyhawk_designs.zip). I didn't have this trouble before re-installing XP, and all my software.... Anyone offer help? Nice work.