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  1. DL505

    Cross the Pond

    Yes, it's a VATSIM event that takes place twice a year, westbound in the spring, eastbound in the fall.
  2. DL505

    Cross the Pond

    Departed out of Gatwick flying BA2273, no delays, didn't even have to hold short of the runway when I got to the departure end! Sure beats the huge queuing that occurred at Heathrow! Had some vectors for spacing in Boston's airspace, but landed on 04R at JFK without issue. Position reports to Oceanic control ended up being via text since people couldn't seem to figure out how to talk one at a time. Since they're mostly done via SatComm anyways now, no biggie. Landed at Kennedy After submitting the PIREP, I was looking at Flightaware and thought I was in trouble, because it was listing a 4:45pm departure! I didn't think I had messed up my time (pushed at 4:39pm), but then remembered I pulled the flight info from Flightradar24, which shows the 4:35pm scheduled departure time. Don't trust flightaware!!!
  3. DL505

    United 737-800 fun

    We're up in the air at the moment. Not sure if it'll be up to PA or down to NoVA yet.
  4. DL505


    Thanks, P3D does most of the work ?
  5. DL505

    United 737-800 fun

    Right now I'm in Essex. I used to work at JHH years ago on their transport team. ? Hopefully my wife and I will be moving out of this horrid state next year.
  6. DL505


    The second flight from the other day was to take advantage of the crummy snow we were getting in the mid Atlantic. I chose to go from Raleigh to Philadelphia, and grabbed an AA Astrojet repaint. I had the good fortune a while ago to ride from BWI to Seattle on N951AA. Ready for push in the morning Sun coming up Climbing Poor weather Below the clouds and final
  7. DL505

    United 737-800 fun

    I was enjoying my move to P3D so much that I’ve been flying a lot lately (for me at least). Up until yesterday, the iFly 737 was my only airliner addon, so a lot of fun little hope in it (if it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going!) This particular flight was UA2398, a flight from San Diego to San Francisco. I chose the eco skies 737 repaint for the 737-800 (I miss the blue tulip United scheme). Parked at the gate, ready to head off Climbing out, fantastic rate of climb, GO NAVY! Over LAX Overcast in the bay area Setting up for the approach Final
  8. DL505

    Singapore Trip

    Nice stuff!
  9. DL505

    Continuing SWA left coast

    I liked it for sure! I'm thinking a United Eco Skies scheme for the next trip however.
  10. I decided to fly another left coast trip, continuing from LAS to SAN Diego. This time I picked Illinois One as the ride. Again iFly 737 and Activesky for P3D, default airports with Orbx flown on VATSIM. Departing to the west. Cruising Approaching San Diego, on an RNAV approach. I hadn't flown one of these since I did my RW Instrument rating back in 2007! An AAL 757 getting ready to do the reverse flight of what I had just finished. Thanks for looking
  11. Decided to run another flight using my new Orbx scenery on the left coast. This time I chose to run Southwest flight 1764, this leg from Seattle to Las Vegas. I again used the iFly 737, this time with the (fitting) Maryland One scheme. Although I think it’s not well suited to the plane, it is my home state flag, so I had to represent a little! As before, Orbx Global and the left coast packages, but default airport scenery, and using ActiveSky for P3D v4, flown on VATSIM. Taxi out, surprised to see traffic (and ATC) at this time of day (it was around 9:30am West Coast time when I got online). Departure out of SEA, climbing like a rocket ship. I was really enjoying the weather effects in the mountains during the departure. It was pretty overcast, with mountain snow and low visibility for about the first 2/3 of the trip. I finally saw the ground again over the desert. Downwind, with the strip in sight. You may recall I had the pleasure of staying at the Mandalay last spring with my wife for my little brother’s wedding. Hoover Dam. A very neat place to tour. Final approach. On the ground at Las Vegas! Thanks for looking.
  12. DL505

    First P3D flight

    Well, I have a new build spec’d out on Newegg, but I’ll have to do some convincing of the wife (and wait for my backpay from work to come through). If I can talk her into it though... boom!
  13. DL505

    First P3D flight

    Yes, it's a bit late (I did the flight over a month ago), but I had finally taken the plunge into P3D. I was hesitant to, since I still have an older system (i5-2500K, P67 board, 8GB RAM, but I did upgrade to a GTX1070 when my Radeon 6950 card died). I figured with them going 64 bit the performance couldn't be any worse than I was getting with FSX:SE (I was still running FS9 for long hauls to avoid OOM problems). Imagine my surprise when I discovered the performance was actually pretty good on my system! So, I did a round trip from Atlanta to Key West, with just Activesky and MyTraffic 6, using the iFly 737-700. Remember, just using default scenery here (I've since gotten Orbx Global and their West Coast areas). On the ground at KEYW Climbing out from the Keys. Cruising Descending, between cloud layers, with some traffic also going to Atlanta. In the muck Final with another aircraft on a parallel approach Taxi with an AF 747 landing (yes, I forgot to turn off the progressive taxi for the shot) I meant to post my flight from last night with the Orbx scenery installed, but the screenshots didn't save
  14. DL505

    Catching up

    The second flight was one I just ran tonight. I made it a point to get back on VATSIM, so had to familiarize myself with the current pilot clients available, and went with vPilot. I used MyTraffic6 for the model set, and made an AI 737-800 in factory colors the default aircraft instead of the regular Airbus (if it ain't Boeing, I ain't going!) I was also running REX3 to hopefully get some of the winds from the hurricane for my approach. The flight was AA2219 from Miami to Princess Juliana, I was running a freeware KMIA from Avsim, and FlyTampa TNCM sceneries. An old paint scheme UAL 744 at Miami, I was happy to see it, as it meant I'd tweaked vPilot correctly to show aircraft! Departing Miami to the east. More traffic around Miami! Building clouds in the evening east of Florida. Still thrilled to see other traffic. The Miami / Caribbean corridor was busy this evening. Turning over Puerto Rico, outer bands from Irma Final for 10 at TNCM with a KLM 744 having just departed. The approach was fun, an RNAV with 20 kt winds gusting to 40 kts about 20 degrees off the nose. Parked at the gate, with a default scheme aircraft showing.
  15. DL505

    Catching up

    I've been a bit lax in my uploads lately, mainly due to Ransombucket messing up all of my previous links. I found a new hosting service (postimg.org) that seems to be okay, so here's a few to show off. First up, Air France 1686, operating the A318 from Paris to Edinburgh. I'm using the Aerosoft A318 in FSX (Steam) with the Aerosoft LFPG and UK2000 Edinburgh sceneries, running MyTraffic 6 and REX 3. At the gate Taxi out and holding short, following a Brussels Airbus. Climbing out on the departure Cruising over the English Channel London, with EGLC and the Queen Elizabeth II bridge visible Descending to Scotland Looking towards Hollyrood and Meadowbank Forth Bridge Short final Bit of traffic on the ground