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  1. Angelo

    Try again but leave BIO and VATSIM/IVAO fields blank
  2. Just one

    Been simming for a long time and this hobby is better than ever, I feel spoiled.
  3. Lovely some of our first Air Baltic screenshots on this forum.
  4. Just a few...

    That's a nice combo, Innsbruck and Dash 8!
  5. I remember seeing the Aeroflot Il-62 back in the 80s. Always loved the little wheel on the tail.
  6. FSL Collection (Long post)

    That's why everyone wanted FSDT Frankfurt. Thanks a lot Frankfurt airport.
  7. WSSS / WADD - @nd Attempt

    Yeah hope we get a really nice SIN scenery with the new T4!
  8. British Airways Boeing 787-900.

    So pretty. One day we will have a 787 in P3D.
  9. SQ to WADD

    lol I bought it. Did one A330 flight with it. Never again, hated it.
  10. FSL Collection (Long post)

    Yup she's a fun one to fly. A bit squirrely on the ground with the tiller, takes some getting used to.
  11. Gold Coast

    Cool, where did you get that scenery?
  12. ZBAA - ZSPD FX

    lol actually did a flight?
  13. Couple of new paints

    Model looks nice but I'm not paying $75 for that, no way.
  14. 2017 Collectors Edition

    Oh that looks like great weather! Looks like a fun year!
  15. Trip to Luxembourg

    wow, scary shit!