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  1. FX001


    Nice ones - some old stuff there
  2. FX001

    Delta 757

    Long legs on the old girl good one mate
  3. FX001

    Cristale Boréalis!

    very nice mate!
  4. FX001

    Trial run...

    Looking clean mate !
  5. FX001

    Socal to the Emerald City

    Great shots mate
  6. FX001

    Off to Sicily

    Love the AS Bus - My kinda level - Detailer in systems, but not over the top Aside from Freighters - Airbus is my favourite AC type to fly in the Sim and real world A330 is my Fav aircraft Smokey TD Thanks for viewing
  7. Will let the images do the talking
  8. FX001

    Queens & Dreams

    Love it mate! miss the old JAL’s B747 Use to get two a day at work - one from KIX and one from NRT
  9. FX001

    A rare visitor to Canberra

    We were just talking about the cityflyer service at work yesterday nice ones mate ! I still miss the 767’s domestically- the A330’s have to many brake cooling issues on the East Cost Australia runs
  10. FX001


    0600Am depart from WSSS Its at this point a few things happened - 1. i got lost, 2. the wife was calling 3. the kids were calling - so i did what any gamer with kids does shut down right here ! A350's in traffic too
  11. FX001

    HK to CLARK in my new A320

    Defiantly looks alright - nice series
  12. FX001

    Cleaning the dust

    Good to see u still around mate
  13. FX001

    San Fran Diego

    Looking good mate !