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  1. Just one

    Super sweet shot.
  2. SQ into Manila

    Gotta love these Asian short trip routes. Always end up having rain in Manila. Great pics Guy!
  3. Just a few...

    Great pics! Love Innsbruck, great scenery to fly into!
  4. Couple of new paints

    Oh yes. Now all we need is PACSIM RKSI.
  5. WSSS / WADD - @nd Attempt

    Bali is such a great scenery, cannot wait to see his Singapore scenery. Lovely pics Mike.
  6. British Airways Boeing 787-900.

    Hopefully soon, we've got so many nice Dreamliner routes at FTG. Great touchdown Pic.
  7. SQ to WADD

    Hoping for the Aerosoft one, nice pic.
  8. FSL Collection (Long post)

    Now that`s an awesome set, great pics Aaron, keep them coming!

    Cool pics! Will do some Cargo flying myself on the next flights.
  10. Gold Coast

    Great pics, scenery looks interesting.
  11. 2017 Collectors Edition

    Cheers Tigers, glad you liked the final post of 2017! Skipped Africa and South America entirely as it seems. Picked up some Brazilian sceneries during the Black Friday Sale though, so there will be some action there this year for sure.
  12. Good Day fellow Tigers, Hard to believe but yet another year has surpassed very quickly. And as it`s being the final day of the year, here is my 2017 Collectors Edition, reviewing my personal flight simming year. Accumulated a total of 613 flight hours this year on 159 flights, most of them in October and November with 99.7 and 86.6, funny because I was on sick leave at that time. Made absolutely no flights in March, and also just two flights in February (14.8) - afterwards upgraded my computer parts and off I went again. Has been a good year with some great releases, just too many to name them but I am looking forward to 2018 because there is some really good stuff in the pipeline. Enough brabbling, let`s get on to the shots, that`s what we are here for. Enjoy and more SPAM coming in 2K18. Happy New Year Everyone
  13. Couple of new paints

    Gorgeous as always. Love the details on the Lufthansa. The agony of choice, Freighter or Passenger.
  14. Couple of new paints

    Yummie. Keep up the great work.