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  1. Etihad Abu Dhabi-Cairo

    Sweet looking pics.
  2. Wish QWSIM would finally get this bird into V4. Looking forward to Auckland too. Great pics mate.
  3. Etihad OBBI-OMAA

    Oh yes, good looking for sure.
  4. Cruising over Seattle

    What PTA Preset is that?
  5. Couple of new paints

    Gorgeous as ever. Well done, John.
  6. Italian Doggo Milano to Catania

    Fantastic pictures Guillaume. Once we received our profit incentives this year, this will be added to the hangar. Coming to think, I purchased it for FSX all those years ago and I have never made a flight at the time. Ugh, haha. Keep them coming!
  7. Couple of new paints

    Oh that looks great.
  8. Couple of new paints

    Sweet as ever. Great repaint.
  9. Prepared & Inaugurated

    Great set. Gosh will be two years again since I visited The Hawaiian Islands for my Honeymoon. BTW flew the same flight, not sure about flight number, in Summer 1994, my first visit there.
  10. Flightday: Bucharest to Tokyo

    Lovely looking set.
  11. Couple of new paints

    Instant Karma. Nice. Justice. Served.