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  1. FR287

    Couple of new paints

    So, how many routes is the pax version of the 747-8 doing?
  2. FR287

    Couple of new paints

    Looks incredible.
  3. FR287

    Warrior One

    Lovely pics, and your video was very pretty. I think your auto brakes didn’t work because your engines spooled up prior to touchdown, they didn’t go to idle, and I wonder if the auto brakes thought you where going around. You also bounced, which might have confused them, spoilers didn’t deploy until the second touchdown. That KSAN scenery looks beautiful... and very smooth FPS!
  4. FR287

    A little GA in my 172

    Nice shots, I have only ever done one online flight and it was on a 172. Lovely bird.
  5. FR287

    Thank You FTG!

    That’s a lot of nice shots...
  6. FR287

    Couple of new paints

    A320 as well for the Iberia?
  7. FR287

    Couple of new paints

    Very very good work on the Iberia...
  8. FR287

    Couple of new paints

    Brilliant as always, mate.
  9. FR287

    Couple of new paints

    You’re not an idiot, everyone can slip a small detail from time to time.
  10. FR287

    Socal to the Emerald City

    Congrats on the promotion
  11. FR287

    Couple of new paints

    Awesome work mate, as always. Iberia “retro” EC-KKS? https://goo.gl/images/JQjWEJ
  12. FR287

    Couple of new paints

    Air Europa? 😉
  13. FR287

    Couple of new paints

    Really nice
  14. Grand pics and videos! Is RAAS a bit over sensitive with taxiway location?
  15. FR287

    Ryanair landing in BHX (P3D 4.2)

    Cheers John, loving your paints.