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  1. Grand pics and videos! Is RAAS a bit over sensitive with taxiway location?
  2. FR287

    Ryanair landing in BHX (P3D 4.2)

    Cheers John, loving your paints.
  3. FR287

    Boxing around with Aerologic!

    Love the charts touch. great shots.
  4. FR287

    Ryanair landing in BHX (P3D 4.2)

    I have fairly high settings, (appart for vegetation, which there isn't any, no road cars, no AI). I have an i7 7700K @4.7 ghz, and an nVidia 1080. I think though that the secret to my smoothness is I only run the sim on a 1080p resolution and I have the fps capped at 30 with the vsinc at half refresh rate. That did wonders for the smoothness. I think I also have medium texture resolution because you can't tell the difference when you run the sim at 1080p inestead of 4K.
  5. FR287

    3,000 logged FS flights

    Love the wing views on final, congrats!
  6. Did this flight to file the pirep. ORBX England and UK2000 Birmingham on display. I was flying John's awesome Ryanair EI-EMJ repaint. I can't decide what sim to tilt towards, because I like both. Both sims have their strengths and weaknesses.
  7. FR287

    East Coast USAir Doggy

    Nice shots, love the lighting on the pushback pic.
  8. Cheers guys, performance is smooth enough, I only average 30 fps, but it seems quite stable with that, unless I fly into a dense area such as London. Gatwick I get 25 fps, Heathrow 20. Flying over southern France kills performance for some reason, but it goes back up as I cross into Spain.
  9. FR287

    Air NZ Domestic Widebodies

    Can see them now, great pics!
  10. FR287

    Air NZ Domestic Widebodies

    Can't see the pics
  11. Love the 777, great pics!
  12. In some things, it’s better than the fslabs. It only comes with the CFM engines and no sharklets though.
  13. Lovely bird to fly. I did a bit of a firm landing, but the bird survived. Beautiful bright skies in Valencia LEVC. On show on the video are also Spain UHD freeware VFR textures, DAI media scenery LEVC (payware) Valencia 3D freeware scenery showing some of Valencia’s landmark buildings, and skymaxx pro and real weather connector (payware)
  14. FR287

    Cruising over Seattle

    Soccer for the old NES did it for me. The shouting, crying, ragequitting and happiness has never been equalled by any modern football/soccer game.