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  1. 500th Airbus flight

    10,000 feet is landing and wing lights off. Great shots!
  2. Good shots! Such bright skies and so much sunshine...
  3. 2017 Collectors Edition

    Stunning shots, Happy New Year!
  4. WF617 Tromsø - Bergen (4k)

    Beautiful dawn... great pics.
  5. Yes, it’s a default Xplane feature and Laminar Research has annoyed a lot of people, because you can’t turn it off by default any more in xp11. You can’t decide any more what you want to see indviidually such as animals, buildings, roads or traffic. They have just one slider for all 3D scenery objects. You can use hacks created by others to individually configure each thing, but it’s a hit and miss, having said that, I forgot about the birds... I will look later to see if I can hack and turn it off. Thanx guys for the comments. By he way, another problem with xPlane, no seasonal textures, so no white ground on the floor if it snows like it’s doing in the UK at the moment.
  6. I waited a very, very long time to be able to paint this livery. My passion for flying comes from flying on the Aviaco MD-88 relatively often when I was very little. I never even tried to paint it on any of the maddogs or DC-9's I have owned for any of the simulators, simply because of the chrome. I could never get a half decent job of it done. XP-11 uses dynamic reflections which are relatively easy to play with when you paint a livery, so when I finished the Spanair Star Alliance, I started work on this. There may be better renditions of chrome out there for XP11, but I am really really happy with this, so happy in fact, that I may give American Airlines (oc) a try. I wasn't going to post anything here about this livery, quite simply because I doubt anybody actually knew this airline. It got absorved by Iberia in the 90's and lost the livery, EC-FOG wore the Iberia livery afterwards until it was retired from service and put in storage in Madrid in 2008. Having said that, I took a few pics on this fictional non FTG flight for some reason, and started filming the landing because the new system parts I got, seem to be quite good at it, and nVidia Shadowplay barely impacts on the FPS when recording, (But you DO feel it) and something interesting happened on very short final that only happens in Xplane. Also, Vigo is a beautiful place to fly to/from. First the pics. Addons used... XP11, Symaxx PRO V4.6 for clouds and sky colours, Real Weather connector for winds and weather depiction, Rotate MD-80, Valencia LEVC scenery. THat's payware. Vigo Airport and the VFR scenery in Valencia and Vigo, plus the mesh, free. Let me know what you guys think of the repaint, which is available at the org forum if anyone actually wants it. nd here is the landing on video. Very sloppy, still getting the hang of flying the maddog, wouldn't have uploaded to youtube had it not been for the ending.
  7. jetBlue landing in St.Lucia

    Definitely caught all the pax’s attention with that stop...
  8. Deep across the Pacific

    Stunning dusk... nice shots.
  9. jetBlue landing in St.Lucia

    Yeah, it really caught me off guard, suddenly, I'm not moving... Checked brake temps, 100 degrees C.
  10. Couple of new paints

    Grand job mate.
  11. Some pics with reshade (long one)

    Love the scenery on the eurowings shots, and awesome 717 cockpit pic...
  12. This time, St. Lucia. I must have set the autobrakes wrong, because wow... ACARS said the touchdown was -81fpm. At least I got that right. A bad day to be flying in the Caribbean...
  13. Vueling landing in BHX (Video)

    Thanx guys, more on the way.