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  1. Woohoo! Loving the JS weather! Congrats on the double milestone my friend, well done indeed.
  2. Baby Boeing headed to Budapest

    Thanks folks comments are much appreciated. The Zurich scenery is FSDT which I'm still enjoying quite a bit.
  3. After having put quite a few flights into the TFDi 717 I started having crashed while changing views, what seems to not be a unique problem. So, I reluctantly parked it for a while until they could get a grip on what was going on. I'm not sure if they truly have yet, but with the most recent release containing the new Trueglass, I had to give it another shot. In short, lovely flight, no issues, and Trueglass was quite nice. Interestingly, I didn't even force the rain, I just loaded it up at Zurich with the intent on heading to the latest release of LHBP, and as luck would have it it was raining. Naturally I took quite a few shots given the route and thought I'd share them, even if it wasn't an FTG flight.
  4. A320 to Madeira

    Seems like a great route to break in the FSL. What's your thoughts on it so far?
  5. Having spent some time in Europe and Asia I thought it time to come back stateside. I still needed to check out the update to SFO and DEN, that leg is to follow. Enjoy!
  6. BA718 ZRH on final

    Indeed, very nice. Don't make it your last!
  7. SBGR - KLAX, AA216

    Stunning series Steve!
  8. Freddie goes Dubrovnik

    Damn Chris, sorry to hear about your struggles. Stay strong my friend and lean on those closest to you for strength. I know a little about that, and it can be invaluable.
  9. MSP-SFO

    A lovely set Steve, thanks for sharing.
  10. QW 787 First and Second run

    Ah, look at that! Looks very nice indeed. Steep learning curve?
  11. LFPG Takeoff

    It does for me as well particularly when using high AA settings. I have Simstarter customize my settings for night flying though so that it enables DL, sets AA to 4xMSAA, turns shadow settings down, etc. It becomes manageable then, but no argument that has to be improved. I did notice some brightness issues as well, but not just with DL. Some sceneries, KIAH from FSDT for example, are really bright night lighting as well. As you say, some of that is probably HDR. That said, watching apron lighting move across the cockpit while taxiing was very satisfying. Thanks Chris. I just left Asia (virtually) and already wishing I had made one more stop through Kai Tak. I use Simstarter to adjust that as well, though I think I just turn down the quality instead of disabling. Perhaps I'll try that.
  12. LFPG Takeoff

    Hey folks, I've been playing around with dynamic lighting a bit and thought I'd take a short video of my takeoff from Paris today. Pretty impressive if LM can get it a bit more optimized. Anyway, hope you enjoy. --clicky the picky--
  13. A couple flydubai shots

    Yeah, let's just say that the center thanks were flowing for quite some time.
  14. Never flew this airline before and found it to be pretty darn enjoyable. The route was Bangkok to Dubai, but here's just a couple of shots from the trip.
  15. Trash Haulin' to Bangkok

    Thanks guys.