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  1. Just a few...

    Agree with the boss, the Dash and LOWI are like peanut butter and jelly!
  2. SQ into Manila

    Great shots! I love flying into Manila.
  3. FSL Collection (Long post)

    Yeah, I set the option for the key to engage the tiller so I can click it on and off to lock to my rudder peddles. With that it seems to be working OK for me. Agreed, though I'm not entirely sure where that is coming from. At night it looks impressive, but a little odd at dawn/dusk. I'll need some more testing, but it feels like the EDDF scenery is causing most of the performance issues. I was hesitant to purchase it to begin with, but having it sit in the GES area drove me to go ahead. Not sure yet if that was a good call. Yeah, performance had to have been lower than that for me. It was a tough one, but I did like Riga.
  4. Hello Tigers! So, based on some solid feedback I got here at FTG, I picked up the FSL 320 over my holiday "staycation" and have been flying it ever since. I have another flight planned in her today as well, but thought I'd put up some pictures and a couple of videos from my last three trips. (EVRA-EDDF-LGAV-LOWW) So far I really love the immersion and am having a lot of fun rediscovering the bus from a perspective of much deeper systems modeling. I spent a fair amount of time debating the cost versus value aspect, and if I'd even take advantage of the deeper systems, but I went for it and have no regrets. So, without further adieu, on to the goods. EVRA - EDDF I also picked up ORBX Germany South and Aerosoft EDDF over the holidays. I'm on the fence. Performance is pretty bad with both enabled, and for the first time in P3Dv4.1 I had a fair amount of blurries. So, not sure that was necessarily money well spent. Riga I like though... As depicted above here's a short video of the climb-out from Riga in the soup. Love the moment when breaking through the cloud shelf to be greeted by the sun. So cool! (FYI, videos are in 4k as well if you wish) EDDF - LGAV First flight back to Athens after installing the FT scenery into P3D. I love flying to Greece. Bark at the moon! Here's a longer landing video into Athens. It was a strong lesson as to why you don't use Med autobrake and full reverse unless you want a cabin full of people forcefully joining you in the cockpit. Hopefully it's still enjoyable. LGAV - LOWW And the final leg on display today is into Vienna. I had been using their 2.8 beta version for a while, but appropriately they released their supported patch version the same day I was about to do this leg. It was meant to be. Thanks for hanging in there to the end, hope it was worth it.
  5. Gold Coast

    Beauties! And this scenery is working with P3Dv4?
  6. 2017 Collectors Edition

    It's JS weather, what else? Always love your annual wrap-ups Chris, and this year is no different. I wish you and the missus the best for next year, and hope you both stay happy and healthy. Happy new year!
  7. Couple of new paints

    Just used it yesterday, very nice indeed.
  8. Yeah, hard to beat the quality of that bird, and she's looking pretty good in purple! Great series.
  9. WF617 Tromsø - Bergen (4k)

    I'm jealous Michel. It was 67F today here in Denver and we haven't had a lick of moisture in longer than I can remember. Feels wrong hanging Christmas light in shorts!
  10. Good morning/afternoon/evening all, This past weekend I gave the Q400 another go in the in the extreme North of Norway, this time heading down to Bergen. The flight was really quite fantastic with scenery you just don't get elsewhere, and lighting this time of year that is always a treat. I took a short landing video this time as you'll see just to get a feel if recording in 4k was possible and still be flyable and I was pleasantly surprised. No real issues at all. Couple of issues with the snow textures disappearing as I got close, I'm assuming because I'm using the old ENBR from Cloud9, and the not so surprising AI enfarktion™ when landing. Hope you enjoy.
  11. WF602 Trondheim - Tromsø (4K)

    Thanks for that. I've got a short landing video uploading from the next leg that I may post later.
  12. It's Been A While!!! Catchup pt1

    Awesome stuff Andy, welcome back!
  13. WF602 Trondheim - Tromsø (4K)

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the comments. It really does look fantastic in-sim and I'm looking forward to trying out some more scenarios with it. Now I have a 1080p TV to sell (among other things) before the boss is going to sign off on any further purchases.
  14. Vueling landing in BHX (Video)

    Great video indeed, well done!