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  1. Kiwi to Queenstown

    Wonderful shots, I hope I will be able to visit Queenstown one day in real life. Pretty amazing to read that the FSL A320 is having bugs, for a $140 product...
  2. Making The Move To Victoria

    Congratulations on your new job! It is always exciting to move to a new place but also takes some getting used to. Nice shots and nice setup too, although I hated that Logitech joystick when I had it years ago, I prefer the Saitek ones.
  3. Quite a milestone, congrats! And lovely shots as always.
  4. Nice classic action, good luck with work!
  5. Trip to Luxembourg

    Those are some classic Luxair pics! Flew the E-145 for the first time this year, loved the little plane! Will fly it again around Christmas, I am already looking forward to it.
  6. Trip to Luxembourg

    Interesting, we don't usually get to see many shots from ELLX here. I only see Luxair regularly at Spanish airports (Mallorca, Tenerife...), but I guess they fly to quite some business flight destinations too. Thanks for posting!
  7. Freddie goes Dubrovnik

    Sorry to hear about your back pain Christoph, but wonderful shots! I love that Dubrovnik scenery, looks very real.
  8. MSP-SFO

    Congratulations! Where did you go to for the honeymoon? That first shot was amazing, and the next pics were just as good!
  9. A couple flydubai shots

    Or some South American routes (Copa being one of them). Nice shots, didn't know FlyDubai was on this route either!
  10. I love that Thai 747 with the Alps in the back! What is that private/government Thai(?) 737?
  11. Trash Haulin' to Bangkok

    Always loving your pictures Aaron!
  12. KL691 - EHAM to CYYZ Part 1

    Good luck! Gotta hate these CTDs...
  13. KL691 - EHAM to CYYZ Part 1

    Wonderful post, interesting to see your preparations! From what I have heard, it has been very rainy in the Netherlands indeed, so no surprise about the red radar. Looking forward to part 2! I think that Thomson 737 is a Tui/Arke 737 though...
  14. Era ending soon - UAL900 LHR-SFO

    Well, hopefully the Queen will return in the classics, but gotta enjoy them while they last! KLM is slowly phasing them out too.
  15. EHAM/AMS plane spotting 2017

    Ah, ok. The weather looked similar to August 28th, when I flew out of AMS, so I wondered if you had caught my plane. Anyway, if you are ever in Montreal, let me know!