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  1. HECA --> EHAM

    While this route used to be served by a daily KLM 777 and at times more than 1 Egyptair flight (often an A330 and 737/320), we are now down to 1 Egyptair 737 flight, with a rare A330 in holiday seasons. I am surprised you got to see a sunset on this route, as the flight is scheduled to arrive at 2PM? Thanks for visiting AMS!
  2. Just a few...

    Although my Innsbruck does not look as impressive as yours, I do need to visit this airport virtually again soon! Great scenic approach and departure.
  3. SQ to WADD

    The A330 is one of my favorite aircraft in real life, both for its shape and passenger comfort (when not in a 3-3-3 configuration...). But in FS it is one of my least flown planes due to the lack of a good add-on. Your screenshot looks great though Mike!
  4. WSSS / WADD - @nd Attempt

    Great shots! Does SQ still have 772s? They replaced the 772 on the AMS route with an A350, so I thought they were mostly gone.

    Good to see you posting again Curtis, it had been a while!
  6. FSL Collection (Long post)

    Wow your flightsim looks so impressive! I loved that video of you coming out of the clouds too, it looked so real! Only minor thing I did not like, is that no way you can see the milky way at sunset. But truly superb shots, one day my sim will look like that too, one day...
  7. Gold Coast

    Great summer shots! Your sim looks very nice, loved the angle of the first shot, it looks so real! This is the weather I am having right now, it is -20C outside at the moment and that will be the warmest of today...

    Nice shots, and congrats with the baby! Didn't know you had one, how old is he/she?
  9. Did Delta ever fly the 737-600? My favorite shot was the American Airbus cloudsurfing at sunrise! I have been flying in the same area lately, it is hard to imagine that temperatures are +25C just a 150 minute flight down south in Miami, while we are experiencing -25C and worse in Montreal!
  10. 2017 Collectors Edition

    Haha T-boss keeps sending you to the worst weather places huh? You flew almost as many hours in 2017 as I did from 2011 onwards since FTG v2. Lots of KLM shots, nice! No flights to South America or Africa this year?
  11. California Dash 8

    Fantastic shots again Guillaume! That looks like a cute little airport.
  12. What a huge post! My favorite shot was the EK 77W overflying Dubai airport on its way to Afghanistan. I did not know Emirates is flying to Afghanistan these days too. And the Turkish A330 brought back memories, as I flew it this year for approximately 45 hours in real life. The A330 is one of my favorite planes to fly on (because of the 2-4-2 configuration), and the Turkish A330 had by far the best cabin of all A330s/A340s I have been on!
  13. DL158 Delta Final B747-400 flight

    Great action! I remember being sad when the NWA/DL 747-200s left from Amsterdam, luckily they still came by pretty often for military charters. It seems so fast that now the -400s are phased out as well! Anyway, we will keep seeing them for quite a while, in Korea with Korean Airlines.
  14. It's Been A While!!! Catchup pt2

    Your new FS looks very impressive, great shots! I love all the Queen flying.
  15. WF617 Tromsø - Bergen (4k)

    Those Bergen ATC'ers are planning the arrivals and departures tight! Loved the sunrise shots Aaron, fantastic series! Although if I want to see snow, I just have to look outside now, we got almost a foot the past few days.