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  1. KL001

    PMDG B747-8i

    Wow, I thought this add-on would never come. With FTG's cargo routes, quite an attractive plane to buy!
  2. KL001

    Warrior One

    Great shots and video Aaron! Your FS always looks amazing and so smooth. I once watched a documentary on the marine bootcamp next to San Diego airport, so weird to think that right next to the airport is such a tough training area. I would be distracted if I would be training there :P
  3. KL001

    Round the world tour

    Nice variety of planes and shots! I saw the Aurora just five days ago (Sept 12th) at AMS in real life, as I was on a KLM flight which parked two gates next to this beautiful bird. Quite a spectacular livery!
  4. KL001

    Mix of shots

    What A340 did you use? I always love the A340-600, I did some of my first longhaul flights in FS in those. I never got to fly them for a longhaul in real life myself, although I did regularly fly Madrid-Tenerife on Iberia's A340-600s, nice plane for such a short flight, except that Iberia makes their planes always so uncomfortably hot. You are going back to flying in real life? Cool! For what airline? I wish you the best of luck! And awesome shots as always of course!
  5. KL001

    NorthWest DC10

    Loved seeing them at AMS too, although I liked the new livery better. They used them and their 742s for military charters until relatively recently at AMS, although I think that was already before 2009 that they ended that.
  6. KL001

    FedEx MD11F

    One of my favourite aircraft, never got to fly it in real life, but saw them a lot at Schiphol. For a basic setup, your screenshots still look pretty impressive!
  7. Wow, that is a megapost! Mr. Bond collected quite the miles in this movie. My favourite shots are the Swiss A330, I see them regularly here in Montreal, hope to fly them one day too. And the Lufty A340 is really starting to look like a classic, not something we see a whole lot at the forums these days!
  8. KL001

    Fun flight into Kai Tak

    Wonderful shot as usual Jakob! I never did the challenging approach into Kai Tak in FS, as the scenery causes an OOM error on my computer. So I just stick to save CLK.
  9. Nice to see you flying a lot around Norway. If I switch FS, my first flights will be around Norway too, dashing and 737'ing around. But my favourite is the Westjet, what a clear a pretty shot!
  10. Great shots, keep them coming! So were these Xplane or P3D?
  11. KL001

    Cristale Boréalis!

    Great post! I am sure it is a nice flight for the pilots in the summer, but in the winter this night flight must take for ever! And I wish you the best of luck with your real-life pilot endeavours, if you become a pilot, I would for sure be jealous!
  12. KL001

    Off to Sicily

    Nice Airbus action! The Aerosoft A320 does look very nice, but I think they still do not have the other A32X variants? Gotta agree with you on the A330 as one of my favourite real world aircraft, although I must say that Turkish' A330s were way more comfortable than KLM's A330s, so large differences per airline. I am going to fly the Air Canada A330 this October, looking forward to it!
  13. KL001

    Socal to the Emerald City

    Your sim looks amazing as always. I always enjoy these west coast short hauls, also in FS9 there are some nice sceneries. Great post!
  14. KL001

    Double post of PAX and TRASHAHAUL

    Wonderful shots as always. Why are there fireworks in Sydney during the day?
  15. KL001

    A rare visitor to Canberra

    Nice to see the A330! Which model do you use for which flightsim?