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  1. Looks awesome! What do you think of the FF A320?
  2. Etihad OBBI-OMAA

    That last shot is stunning! I think the Etihad livery is one of the best liveries around, so thanks for posting these screenies!
  3. RCTP -800F

    I love the lighting in the ground textures, particularly in the third shot!
  4. Cruising over Seattle

    While FS looks so much better nowadays, I do like that these old games left more to the imagination. One of the first games I played was Test Drive 1 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fif3mb3TkKc), it felt to me I was truly racing in a car!
  5. A bit of the Icelandair fleet

    Last August I got to fly on TF-FIR when flying from Keflavik to Montreal. Impressive livery, also from up close! I preferred their 767s though, much more comfortable. Great shots!
  6. Cross the Pond

    Great pics Jim! Did you fly online? As I think I see a Qatar Airways A320 at JFK, that would be unusual AI traffic...
  7. I like that Thai livery, although their current one is good too. Nice shots! Four engines for a 737-sized plane... they must be true hairdriers!
  8. First Run - XP11

    Looks nice! Hopefully X-plane and P3D can learn from each other to get even better!
  9. Sunset Shift

    Don't you hate it when you get called in to work on a sunny evening? You are lucky you had not been drinking yet! Or did you? Lovely shots! Japan has some nice shorthaul widebody flights, always a pleasure flying in that area, especially with the well modelled mountains in your shots!
  10. The new kangaroo route

    Welcome on the other side of the world! Impressive flight, did you fly at 1X?
  11. Flightday: Bucharest to Tokyo

    Always loved seeing the JAL Queen, too bad they got rid of them. When I visited Japan in 2004 and 2006, the Queen was still everywhere in NRT! Flew in on a BA 747-400 myself both times, but Singapore Airlines, ANA, JAL, NWA, Thai, Lufty, KLM, all had their 747s visiting Tokyo. Great shots, brought back some good memories!
  12. Prepared & Inaugurated

    Nice pics Ioan! What add-ons did you get for P3D?
  13. LAN Departing

    Great pic! When is LAN getting rid of their 777s? According to Wikipedia, they got rid of them last year already, but I see on jetphotos that they are still flying. Always loved seeing them on approach to AMS from MIA, flying over Leiden around lunchtime...
  14. In Antarctica

    Great posts from a continent we usually don't get to see around here. I hope I will be able to visit this place in real life one day, but that is probably wishful thinking...
  15. Continuing SWA left coast

    Nice livery, I did not know it was painted using the new Southwest tail. I think it is interesting that one of the two Marine Corps training centers is right next to San Diego airport. If I would go there, I would so be yelled at by the Sergeant Instructor for looking at planes...