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  1. Whilst watching a video of a Condor A320 into Palma, I couldn't help but notice.... https://youtu.be/WZ1Zbb-5bvg
  2. SQ380

    Lanzarote live feed

    Yeah this is great - you can track on FR24 then watch them land I can thoroughly recommend Lanzarote, or indeed any of the Canaries, for a holiday at any time of the year - especially if you're into Geology
  3. Great Video Javier! Having just made the switch to XP, I'll be getting that FF A320 very soon!
  4. SQ380


    Ahh, the Mighty Hunter Nice Video Vlad - reminds me of my RAF days, I spent many hours in the back of the MR1/2 variants over the sea on Search & Rescue missions and taking pictures of the Russian Navy Your version is the R1, which was more of a Command & Control and communication monitoring platform that a 'sub-hunter'. Sadly none are with us any longer, due to political incompetence on a mind-numbing scale
  5. SQ380

    It's Been A While!!! Catchup pt2

    Great shots and welcome back Andy
  6. SQ380

    Making The Move To Victoria

    Great shots Steve! And what a nice clean desk
  7. SQ380

    Early morning at EGCC

    Great smoking action shots!
  8. SQ380

    Her Majesty to Jolly Ole England

    Great shots! Welcome to London
  9. SQ380

    My recent trip to Singapore

    Great shots Brian, thanks! Two of my favourite places to be.
  10. SQ380

    Go Cat to Gold Coast

    Nice of Tiger Singapore to lend Tiger Australia one of their aircraft But yeah, great shots!
  11. Congrats on year 1 Jakob, and great shots! I don't know how you manage to get them so sharp - mine always seem so blurry.
  12. Well I don't know if he's using UK2000 - might be Aerosoft - hopefully Jakob will tell us. But yeah, the UK2000 sceneries are damn good - especially the Extreme series. I found the UK2000 Extreme LHR to be easier on fps than Aerosoft.
  13. A good days work! Nice to see some BA action Your LHR scenery looks fantastic - I have UK2000 LHR Extreme but it doesn't look that sharp!
  14. Great shots Jakob and congrats on 100 flights! Gotta love FTG - land, hop in a car, another airport, another airline , fly
  15. Great shots! I love the gear up one - great angle! Fifi the Electric Jet has sucked you in