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  1. AF259

    Couple of new paints

    Any chance of the 5 belgian icon airplanes from Brussels Airlines? ☺️ https://www.brusselsairlines.com/en-ma/misc/belgian-icons.aspx
  2. AF259

    Couple of new paints

    That is superb ?. Look forward to fly it when QW gets the bugs out of their product.
  3. AF259

    Back with a pepsi queen

    I'm back in Europe and flying here. I'm using P3D4, what a change with 6 years ago when i was using FS2004 and barely getting 15fps on medium settings with addons & the FTG Ai pack we had back then. Good times. Now i'm running near max settings with 30fps as a minimum.
  4. I was on LOA for 6 years, finally found some time to fly again.
  5. Well guys don't forget those simulators are not for fun hahaha. There's a reason pilots call them "sweatbox" or "torture chamber". You can have some very unpleasant times in those things, believe me... But yeah the graphics do suck a lot. Flying a visual in those things is very unpleasant...
  6. If i'm not mistaken its named Raung, East of Java. We pass it on our way to and from Bali depending on our route. This picture i think was taken on the way to Bali for a VOR 09 approach. Yeah it is indeed a very boring livery on that plane... I go home about two times a year No Surabaya based, city in east Java. Life is good here, had to adjust a bit to the culture but going better and better. Got a nice house together with a buddy of mine and we hang out with both locals & expats.
  7. Hey guys, its been a long time, to long for sure. I miss posting bunch of screenshots here from all my FS flights. Those days have passed and its very difficult for me to find time to fire up the old computer to fly arround the virtual skies. Flying as a job keeps me rather busy. Life is good here in Indonesia. Different for sure but good. The rain season is almost over which gave us some extra work here. Closed airports, massive thunderstorms & windshears we got it all. Lots of learning was done. Never ceases to amaze me how high those CB's can go. Since last time Indonesia Air Asia expanded rapidly and we now have 30 airbus 320 in our fleet. All relatively new with about 5 sharklets now. As expected there not different to fly then the one's without sharklets, only reducing speed has become even more difficult... I made a small selection of shots for u guys, hope u enjoy
  8. Hello fellow Tigers, its been a while again since i was back here, busy times for me. I moved to Surabaya 2 months ago and now fly from here. Destinations are Bandung, Jakarta, Denpassar, Medan, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Johor Bahru, Semarang-Singapore. We only have 4 aircrafts here with a 5th one coming next month, i hope its gonna be the sharklet one but i doubt that will happen haha. I'm enjoying the work here since i do fly a lot more hours then before in Jakarta. Below are some pictures of the last two months, i bought myself a Nexus 4 a few weeks ago hence the panorama shots haha. Sunset on the way to Jakarta Pushing back, my duty starts when the sun goes down & everybody's day finishes Approaching Bangkok Surabaya Enroute & cloudy like always in South East Asia Rainy Medan Still a lot of Volcanoes in Indonesia, this one is enroute to Bali Guess the airport All those clouds do give a spectacular view in the morning & evening The mighty queen hauling trash View from the ramp Traffic 1000ft below Climbing out of Jakarta Another day done, love our new livery & especially this a/c because it has the more powerfull engine type Cloudy as usual on the way to KL Fluffy everywhere Holding short, in front of the nose of the Garuda you can see storage of old a/c, there are about 30-40 just awaiting scrap... Majestic sunset
  9. So here are some more pictures of my daily life at 39000ft. I'm trying to make a new video aswell but that will take some more editing work. Enjoy guys Kuta Beach, Bali Fun weather in Jakarta on a late evening arrival Sunset on the way to Phuket Jakarta Sharklets Walkarround in Bangkok Cloudporn The office Early morning on the way to Semarang Microburst in Singapore just before runway 02R SIngapore New low-cost terminal at Kuala Lumpur Bangkok in the morning
  10. An hour to hour and half for turnarround, wow dude, what do you do then... In 25mins i have the time to prepare for the next flight, go to the toilet, have a little chat with the cabin crew and still have a chill in the cockpit hahaha. Fastest turnarround i did was 13mins from On chock until Start of taxi for the next leg . Yeah but i have quite a lot of standby's and then we have to stay available and can't really go far. But once all the trainings are over and everybody gets their bases it should improve.
  11. Thanks a lot guys, i'm currently making a new one, but i filmed the newest one in 1080p and my laptop doesn't like it that much haha Well for one thing the fps is better in real life , hmm yeah the differences, well it all depends a bit on how everybody uses his FS i guess, how real life you used it, biggest differences are operational wise, delays for so many different reasons, extreme weather, traffic... Yeah the turn arrounds are only 25mins so its really short, however after a while i was getting the latest weather, cockpit setup, fmgs & clearance done in 5-10mins, you just have to get used to it. Well monthly i'm flying arround 75h now, quite a light schedule because i'm still based in Jakarta and there a lot of Fo's here now, some guys still in training aswell. When i will be based somewhere else i will have more hours per month. Yeah the pushback in Don Muang is really long, its special procedure for that parking stand, you can only start you 2 engines after the pushback is complete aswell so it surely takes a while...
  12. Perhaps you should, life is good on the bus haha
  13. AF259

    Myself in B737NG

    Nice to see some pictures of our rival company haha , i sure am jealous of all the destinations you guys have...
  14. Amazing variety in scenery and destinations for you, great pictures