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  1. AF065

    Varig MD11 EGLL-EKCH

    Me too !!!
  2. AF065

    Couple of new paints

    Nice ! I always liked this kind of hybrids.
  3. AF065

    Italian Maddoggin'

    It is compatible, at least until v4.3 https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/flight-simulator-x/sceneries/1642/venice-x
  4. AF065

    Italian Maddoggin'

    Yay! Love the lights on the Dog. Do you use PBR too ?
  5. AF065

    The year that was 2018

    Lots of planes here ! Thank you for sharing ! Indeed as Michel points out, lots of things we have never seen here !
  6. Very nice! Thank you for sharing !
  7. AF065

    My Repaints

    Looking very nice ! I should take the Queen out more often.
  8. AF065

    2018 Collectors Edition

    These gave me many ideas for next flights. Thank you very much for sharing !
  9. Beautifu thank you for flying the Maddog, those screens are awesome.
  10. AF065

    Landing in Athens

    Thanks Javier ! Very interesting what you are saying. I have a weak spot for TSS, and sounds in general, they are very important to me. I looked at the videos, they sound really nice. Right now I'd like somebody to upgrade my default CaptainSim 737-200 sounds, because I find the exterior sounds really crappy.
  11. AF065

    Landing in Athens

    Did not know these ! Anybody tried them yet ?
  12. AF065

    Landing in Athens

    Yay ! Love Aegean, flew with them a few times, they are very good.
  13. AF065


    Wow wow wow ! Thank you ! Russian metal back at FTG thanks to you ! I wish there were correct russian stuff for P3D but it's not the case AFAIK. I liked to fly the Tu154 from Project Tupolev it was a real challenge.
  14. AF065

    Crete to Nuremberg

    Great shots Aaron. FSFX packages are awesome for screeners, for the rest of simmers it sure is nice eye candy but not really useful. You could have gone with the FSDG Heraklion it is really nice.
  15. AF065

    SSJ - 100 BEL

    Wow ! I think this is the first time we see this here ! Lovely ! Thank you for sharing !