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  1. AF065

    Mix of shots

    Ah, I miss my sim so much, thanks for sharing Jakob!
  2. AF065

    A little GA in my 172

    So are you going to get the Bonanza?
  3. AF065

    A little GA in my 172

    Oh yes so sweet! Is it the RXP or F1 GTN 750? I own the F1.
  4. AF065

    Couple of new paints

    Ha ha so I went to look in between, and apparently this payware is compatible with P3Dv4 (according to their Facebook page) https://secure.simmarket.com/azurafiles-vagar-airport-reloaded-2.0-p3d-(fr_10044).phtml
  5. AF065

    Couple of new paints

    Are you aware of any good scenery for Vagar that is compatible with P3Dv4 ?
  6. AF065

    Thank You FTG!

    Congratulations on the achievement Ioan ! I hope all will go well for you.
  7. AF065

    NorthWest DC10

    Thanks, I already own the ISG Gauges and I saw they have been updated to P3DV4. I'll take a close look home.
  8. AF065

    Calivada MD-82 - Reno Air

    Thank you, this means my goal is reached Gotta try this route with the new Orbx KSAN. .
  9. AF065

    NorthWest DC10

    Beauty, the bowling shoe is my favorite livery. What model is that ?
  10. AF065

    TWA Doggy Boston to Saint Louis

    Thanks for the kind words Joe
  11. AF065

    Calivada MD-82 - Reno Air

    Yes, the F1 ATR was awesome. Leonardo is working on implementing a persistent aircraft, this is going be the cherry on the cake. It will be two months before I am able to fly again, really looking foward to it.
  12. AF065

    Double post of PAX and TRASHAHAUL

    Wow, really nice !
  13. AF065

    Socal to the Emerald City

    Sweet ! This Alaska livery is really cool.
  14. AF065

    Calivada MD-82 - Reno Air

    Thanks Aaron ! The repaint is payware. I prevaricated a lot but ended buying the whole pack. https://secure.simmarket.com/glc-textures-super-80-mega-pack-fsx-p3d-(fr_11674).phtml
  15. AF065

    Calivada MD-82 - Reno Air

    Thanks guys ! Still enjoying every bit of her.