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  1. Italian Doggo Milano to Catania

    No sound alarms, just a pressurization warning. If you close the window soon enough the aircraft will have time to pressurize it will not be a problem. However, the realism of the MaddogX makes that the wind sound will become so loud it is unbearable, and the copilot voice is like muted, so you can definitely hear there is a problem.
  2. Italian Doggo Milano to Catania

    Thank you Javier ! Alright guys, I'll give this one up : I took off with the captain side window opened. I realized this very soon, so I still had time to close it and keep climbing. It can be clearly seen in the outside shots especially for the take off one.
  3. Sunset Shift

    IIRC you need an account for full size after upload.
  4. Sunset Shift

    Nice shots ! I love the Tokyo Bay area, I fly there quite often. I use imgBB, they are fairly easy to use and you can batch upload.
  5. Italian Doggo Milano to Catania

    Thank you guys ! So, nobody found my huge mistake ? Well, you know, that can't be worse than me asking for FsX to my parents back in 2006 for Christmas, installing it, flying it once, and remaining on Fs2004 until ... June 2016.
  6. Hi guys ! Today with my favorite Maddog we will fly one of our numerous italian Maddog route. We are very lucky thanks to our classic database. We have pretty much the entire Alitalia MD-82 network that ever existed in the database, giving many possibilites. Please follow me on this Milano Linate to Catania morning service. Addons used Prepar3D v4.2 Leonardo FlytheMaddog X, v1.1.0 original repaint TSS JT8D sounds for FlytheMaddogX JetstreamDesigns LIML RFscenerybuilding LICC ORBX FTX Vectors and OpenLC NA FreeMeshX Activesky for P3D4 REX Skyforce PTA with GSAlden "April" preset ChasePlane GSX PFPX IVAO network Bactracking for using the full length of the runway. Climbing over the cloud covered Italy Roma below. Can you see it ? 'cause I can't lol. The Etna volcano is visible on our left side. Alright now you have been watching all this, can you spot the huge mistake I did during the flight ? Lucky for me I realized soon enough so I did not have to turn back. The first to tell me the error will get to choose my next Maddog and screenshot flight. Should be an interesting challenge
  7. Couple of new paints

    Looking fantastic, as usual. Thanks ! Good to have you on tracks again.
  8. Wow ! Smokey DC-8, that's the thing ! Keep them coming ? Which 8 is that by the way ?
  9. Couple of new paints

    We get that. So sorry to hear that. You know how much your work is appreciated and respected here.
  10. Wow wow wow !!! So many things here !!! Congratulations on all !
  11. Flightday: Bucharest to Tokyo

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing !
  12. United 737-800 fun

    Hi Jim ! Glad you like the iFly bird. I used it a lot during my Fs9 times, it was a great addon.
  13. Pretty awesome to see the Dassault Mercure here ! Thank you for sharing this great piece of French aviation.
  14. Couple of new paints

    Good looking, as always
  15. Wee, really nice looking ! Loved that final shots with the clouds in Narita !