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  1. AF065

    Socal to the Emerald City

    Sweet ! This Alaska livery is really cool.
  2. AF065

    Calivada MD-82 - Reno Air

    Thanks Aaron ! The repaint is payware. I prevaricated a lot but ended buying the whole pack. https://secure.simmarket.com/glc-textures-super-80-mega-pack-fsx-p3d-(fr_11674).phtml
  3. AF065

    Calivada MD-82 - Reno Air

    Thanks guys ! Still enjoying every bit of her.
  4. AF065

    Couple of new paints

    Thanks again John !
  5. Hi guys ! Today I decided to take the dog out for a walk around Nevada and California, flying for Reno Air. I am very happy that we uploaded these schedule since I love the Lake Tahoe area, and the Reno Air looks good on the Doggy. Enjoy ! Addons used Prepar3D v4.3 Leonardo FlytheMaddog X, v1.2B276, repaint by Trino Rojas TSS JT8D sounds for FlytheMaddogX PIS Reno KRNO ORBX San Diego KSAN ORBX FTX Vectors, OpenLandclass NA, FTX North and Southern California TerraFlora 1.20 Activesky for P3D4 REX Skyforce PTA with GSAlden "July" preset ChasePlane GSX PFPX IVAO network
  6. AF065

    Queens & Dreams

    Wow, so much Japanese action ! Love the Queen Crane though.
  7. AF065

    A rare visitor to Canberra

    Sweet ! Love the A330.
  8. AF065

    TWA Doggy Boston to Saint Louis

    Thanks guys ! You bet, look at that touchdown distance ! I was planning on a 5 kts tailwind, nothing compared to the 16 I ended up with. But the runway was long enough, I should have gone around when reaching decision with such tailwind and not wait for the windshear. That's how accidents happen.
  9. Hi Tigers ! Today we will be flying the Maddog into our newly uploaded TWA 2000's Classic schedule. This is the perfect schedule for Douglas twins fanatics, because it includes the entire range of the family : DC-9s, MD-80s, and short lived Boeing 717s. We will be flying from Boston to Saint Louis, the historical homebase of TWA. Addons used Prepar3D v4.2 Leonardo FlytheMaddog X, v1.2b276 repaint by Alberto Angulo TSS JT8D sounds for FlytheMaddogX FlyTampa Boston V4 Default KSTL ORBX FTX Vectors and OpenLC NA FreeMeshX Activesky for P3D4 REX Skyforce PTA with GSAlden "June" preset ChasePlane GSX PFPX IVAO network Boarding Pushing back Fast taxi to 15R Go ! Rotate Gear up please ! Those Boston departures are always very scenic. Climbing and cruising Fast foward to final approach, turning on finals with St Louis skyline in the background Almost there Woopsie, look at this tailwind The wind pushed me sideways at the last second, that triggered a windshear warning but it was too late to go around. Thanks for watching ! See you soon for more Maddog adventures !
  10. AF065

    Couple of new paints

    You pull those repaints faster than FsLabs pulls out threats to moderators on forums. Congratulations, always.
  11. AF065

    787-9 Norwegian

    Beautiful, thanks for flying Freddie !
  12. AF065

    Last Few flight

    Really nice shots ! You definitely want a good weather program, that'll change your life. I personnaly use the ActiveSky for P3D4 weather engine with the Rex Skyforce3D clouds, works perfectly, and with great immersion.
  13. AF065

    Couple of new paints

    Thank you mate ! I am fond of the Freddy Mercury one. Eagerly waiting for the release of Bohemian Rhapsody too, but you can't do nothing about that