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  1. Just a few...

    Nothing beats this combo! Especially in winter.
  2. I like a lot the lighting and the mood. And that green too
  3. Just one

    Yes, nothing more than amazing stuff!
  4. WSSS / WADD - @nd Attempt

    Looking great! I am also looking forward for the WSSS new scenery, for now..I am using the default
  5. FSL Collection (Long post)

    Very nice series, nice airports too. I've flown also recently to Riga, is a nice airport, will fly there some more. Well, FSLabs, FRA and ORBX North and South Germany, clearly a heavy combination, also on my side. Somehow fps are above 20 but they are going in VC sometimes under my locked 30fps (with DL but no AI, only Vatsim traffic).
  6. Couple of new paints

    I keep my money for the QW 787 for P3D4.
  7. 2017 Collectors Edition

    Great 2017 collection, as always! Looking forward for the 2018 collection!
  8. Couple of new paints

    Found it, thanks!
  9. Couple of new paints

    Austrian Nice! Must have I have Lufty, Swiss and now Austrian. Only Eurowings is missing
  10. WF602 Trondheim - Tromsø (4K)

    4K simming, truly nice. Thats the way Aaron. And of course, great choice of scenery and airplane! For my 4K I am using 4xMSAA, more, my 1080TI with DL does not like it...but 2x or4x is enough at 4K. I don't know how Rob Ainscough manage 2xSSAA at 4K, perhaps the Titan X Pascal has some more potential (and he has a better cooling, more OC).
  11. Some pics with reshade (long one)

    Those shadows..amazing!
  12. Vueling landing in BHX (Video)

    Great video, nice landing Javier! You can not go wrong with the FSLabs A320.
  13. Baby Boeing headed to Budapest

    Looking amazing . The Zurich airport is from Aerosoft or from FSdreamteam (I think they should also do an update for it..) ? I bought also LHBP, it looks so nice and friendly with the fps.
  14. Kiwi to Queenstown

    Black is sexy Ah, FSLabs throttle, always keeps me distracted till I get it right in FLX or CL...

    Two amazing planes in a great action with great views!