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  1. That was perfect... I've always been fascinated by the Mercure and your post did it justice, great shots and wonderfull information. Looks like an amazing addon, I also can't wait for the JustFlight Caravelle Now if someone would ever do a proper Convair 880/990, I'll be in heaven
  2. I have been playing around with P3D lately to get it to work to my liking and it just so happens that I installed EDDL yesterday evening. No migrationtool required, just the installation file. Manually select your Aerosoft folder in your P3D folder and install it as usual then manually add it to your scenery library and it should be working fine! And yes it's a fantastic airport to fly from, currently it's my number one airport! Wonderfull shots must have been a nice way to spend the evening!
  3. PA707

    FedEx across the Pacific

    Wilson!!! Beautful shots, I'm glad you guys got it to work in P3D it's great to see it among all the P3D goodness
  4. PA707

    More stuff

    As always much appreciated guys! Thanks it's the CLS Airbus package, the panel is absolutely useless but I do like the models and liveries the package comes with So do I! So far all of my flights have been Classic flights, just can't get enough of the good ol' stuff
  5. PA707

    More stuff

    Good evening Tigers, I had some spare time on my hands and decided to dig through my harddrive on the hunt for some unshown screenshots. Well, I found a couple and to start of with I'd like to present to you AF7012 from Charles du Gaulle to Yaoundé in Cameroon flown for the Classic Grand Prix Series. To be more precise, Event 4, leg 1. First Airbus entry into my logbook! I'm not the only Airbus around Two different Swissair colour schemes, I love them both! I bet that bus doesn't fly, get it air...BUS haha no? I stop now Sigh...AF 747... Rolling Classic widebody British Airways in Landor colour scheme Sahara desert Caught the beacon Flying the DME Arc towards the ILS Looks like we'll be making it We sure did! Well that's it for today!
  6. Nice shots and congratulations Daniel, fellow FS9er!
  7. PA707

    More LTU MD-11 stuff!

    Thanks again guys! I've tried to upgrade to Prepar3d several times but I just can't get it to work to my likings. FSX is not even an option... Haha that must have been quite a look, so their callsign 'Fun Jet' wasn't really that appropriate I guess Awsome Boss! Enjoy your flying, I'm on my way to Cuba as we speak
  8. PA707

    LTU MD-11 to Menorca

    Thanks Andy and Robert! I'm no expert on Prepar3d but as far as I know PMDG is not planning on updating their MD-11
  9. It's me again Tigers! With more LTU MD-11 stuff as requested! This time it's flight LT115 from yet another sunny island to Düsseldorf, the island this time is Gran Canaria of the Canary islands. So again I hope you'll enjoy the shots! Preparations almost completed Before taxi checklist complete Binter inbound *click, click* 'Take-off thrust set' To the moon! Holding altitude Close-up of the scimitar winglets No more altitude restrictions Close to our destination Final shot I've made of the approach Reversers in action Still plenty of MD-11's in my sim Tri-holers in general And that concludes another MD-11 flight Hope you enjoyed!
  10. PA707

    LTU MD-11 to Menorca

    Hahaha thanks guys! I'm uploading more stuff as we speak I still have tons of screenshots filing up my harddrive, now that I have some time I'll start unloading them on to the forum. The classic ai traffic makes the classic experience almost complete, I would love to see quality backdated scenery... It's good ol' FS9 with numerous tweaks and add-ons The scenery is by Aerosoft, Menorca X
  11. Good evening Tigers, It has been a while since I've last flown and even longer since I have posted some shots here on the forum. I just touched down at Menorca and during the flight I took some shots I think might be worth sharing so, here it is a quick report from LT172, Düsseldorf to sunny Menorca 6:00AM departure means that there is still very little activity at EDDL But we're off to sunny Menorca! Tschüs! Fast forwards to the descent Personal favourite (Actually from the first time to Menorca, flown this route twice now) Configured Stunning colour scheme That's it Please remain seated Welcome to Menorca where the local time currently is 08:09AM, plenty of time to hit the beach!
  12. PA707

    Grand Prix Event 7

    Very nice Branton, these would have been my flights as well except for the 732, I would have flown the 707 again, got to live up to my callsign
  13. PA707

    Classic Grand Prix II: event VII

    I loved the dual perspective The Caravelle and Concorde are both among the most beautiful aircraft in my book and you showcased them well Congrats on your first points as well!
  14. PA707

    Just one

    Impressive shot! Good luck with setting up your P3D