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  1. really nice pics ...i missed the event
  2. LH242

    Westjet Tartan

    really nice pics eric
  3. so now the run RJTT - RJCC starting up at Gate 14 taxi to h/p Rwy34R climbing away on SYE1 dep. reaching FL330 descending on YUKII WEST aproach fully established Rwy01R deceleration on blocks at Gate 3 enjoy and feel free to comment
  4. thx ... and hope that there are a lot of pilots entering the run
  5. So folks here some pics of the first part of the test run ^^ taxi to holding point Rwy06 RPLL just reached FL370 after following CAB1A dep. reaching 7000ft for BINKSA arr. Rwy34L RJAA fully established and clear to land Rwy34L slowing down on blocks at Gate 22 RJAA sry forgot to load the RJAA scenery but hope that you enjoy it as well
  6. LH242

    First A380 in Texas!

    Project Airbus ... you just need to merge it with the wilco airbus A340-600 panel
  7. LH242

    Triple 7 extravaganza

    The Airline only seen at Frankfurt in Europe is SAFI Airlines from Kabul, but allready on the black list in the EU.
  8. LH242

    US Navy Video

    love the soundtrack ^^
  9. LH242

    To Fly Again...

    YEEEAAAH !! really cool Robert
  10. rally nice shots i guess the Twin Otter is an Let410
  11. LH242

    LAN 622

    So here's the flight from Santiago to Mexico City A/C B767-300ER/w Santiago freeware Mexico City Flymex Enjoy!! feel free to coment...
  12. LH242

    An A330 delivery flight!

    Since 1998 every A330 has an 180 ETOPS approval and in November 2009 the EASA has given them an 240 ETOPS approval.
  13. LH242

    An A330 delivery flight!

    I think there's no problem The A330-200 seats 253 passengers in a typical three-class cabin layout over a range of up to 7,250 nm/13,400 km, powered by PW4000, RR Trent 700 or GE CF6-80E1 engines. http://www.airbus.com/aircraftfamilies/passengeraircraft/a330family/a330-200/performance/
  14. LH242

    THC 2010 Part 45 - the final one

    yes allready know it
  15. LH242

    THC 2010 Part 45 - the final one

    YEAH !! and it feels good ... btw, how many have made it??