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  1. EK241

    Couple of new paints

    Hi I am unable to find this Qantas livery for the 787. If this can be made, I can use it for lhr Perth route. http://morgan-photo.com/portfolio/qantas-dreamliner-alice-springs/
  2. EK241

    Landing in Hurricane IRMA

    WHAAAT !!!! how did you land the plane like a helicopter at the end !!!! That was fun though ... nice
  3. EK241

    FTG Build 2017

    Congratulations Eric.... Very nicely done. That's quite a budget $5611.... I am guessing the 2 4TB Seagate HDD drives were for the NAS drive ? Again nicely done ....
  4. I will definitely try FreeMeshX. Thank you
  5. Thanks everyone. I wish Matt Davies A380 comes sooner
  6. Hi Everyone, I just completed my first inaugural flight in P3D V4 and I am loving it. This is a very raw setup that I have been used to flying in FSX for quite some time. Even though it doesn't matter anymore but just seeing the max VAS footprint being used as 2GB was pretty satisfying. Can't wait to fly in heavy aircraft addons. For this flight I managed to port over project airbus A380. Even though it was designed for FS9 it sure looks good here. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture a lot of worthwhile shots. Flight Details: Ek241 Project Airbus A380 with TSS A380 GE Sound and Overland SMS A380 2d Panel Flytampa Dubai Flytampa Toronto FTX Global FTX OpenLC Europe FTX OpenLC NA Ultimate Traffic 2 FSDT GSX ActiveSky 2016 + ASCA Chaseplane Camera FS Real Time Simulator: P3D V4 Enjoy Feel the smelting heat as we leave the Arabian sea and fly past the popular UAE Hajar Mountains. Wish I could get better photo imagery of those mountains because the default doesn't do justice. In reality they look more red and black. Over the Iranian Desert Couple of shots of the underbelly Storm system by 36000 ft Norway Mountains Some views of the ocean. Water looks little too dark. Emirates Tail over southern Iceland Greenland... Not very impressed though. I was hoping to see some glaciers with NA OpenLC. Entering Canadian Labrador My apologies. I actually had forgotten how to use autoland feature in default aircraft. Was busy in hand flying the final approach. Couldn't get shots of touchdown on runway 23. No I didn't decide to turn back. Had to use Runway 33R as taxi route. Finally get to see some nice activity on arrival airport and not worry about the famous but dreaded DING during arrival. Thank you for watching.
  7. EK241


    That's really nice...
  8. EK241

    Sawadeekrap Bangkok

    Nice Shots... Curious: are you using AA VTBS Scenery or Armi VTBS ?
  9. Michael that's amazing and inspiring. Very Surreal to have yourself really immersed into a flight deck experience. I am curious though. This setup basically means you can only fly with 737 variant aircraft. You can't use it for PMDG 777 right ? Is there a solution to accomodate more than one type of aircraft ?
  10. Mouthwatering awesome.... I am actually curious. How much did you have to budget for this project? Also why do you have three computers ?
  11. EK241

    Thank you for 10 great years!

    Amazing pictures btw
  12. EK241

    Thank you for 10 great years!

    Man you have brought tears to my eyes. Going through the pictures reminded me of going back to where I started. I remember starting off with FS2002, I was so excited to hear the first time engine roaring on the runway. Then I joined FTG.... I was even more excited. Then came FS2004. Then came the dark days of FTG but still I flew like an FTG. Then the revival of FTG and then I started up FSX. Many fond memories.
  13. EK241

    A little X-PX photo review.

    Honestly, That was an amazing review. I love the fact that you mention that X-plane is best used to complement simulation experience. Sounds so simple yet that simple thought never occured to me until you showed me pics of A350 (and I know there is good A380 xplane as well). For the first time from the pics I have seen I am actually impressed with Xplane. The thing that sucks, well I wish there can be AI, ATC. Is the weather engine accurate something close to ASN ? Does ASN support Xplane ? Here's a checklist I would follow if I would like to do a flight in real world FTG flight in X-plane: 1) AI Traffic (Not so crazy to have it at 100% anymore since now I am used to having it low to none thanks to FSX performance limitations). 2) Are there real world engine that can supply real world weather. 2A) Are there any weather textures out there that can enhance the experience. Such as clouds (I am cloud lover) 3) Is there decent landclass and scenery collections. 4) Are there any issues with timezones that we generally see with default FSX? ie do major destinations around the world have proper time settings with DST ? 5) Does it support time acceleration (This can be a handy feature but I am not sure if it is a game changer). 6) Is Xplane FTG Compliant ie ACARS works well (i know it does lol) and are there sufficient FTG compliant aircraft liveries that can be found. I know PFPX supports Xplane and I am being tempted to wish all my necessary addons to be runnable with Xplane. But my major major attraction to buy Xplane right now is the fact there is decent A380 and A350 addon. Thanks for letting us know about the discount. I think I will definitely buy it.
  14. EK241


    Hey John, I am loving your paints... good job. One request though. Can you add your name to the aircraft livery paint title. The reason is because whenever I add it on via OC I get two liveries with the same name. For example for emirates I have a PMDG version and your version. On my OC I see both paints with same name Emirates. This will especially be useful when doing aircraft specific settings. There is no thumbnail there which can be used as a reference point. Thanks Keep up the good work
  15. Nice series. Loving the 777 and so glad with the release of Hamad Airport.