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  1. LH201

    Testing P3D...

    Just a couple of shots while testing... Vienna to Zurich: Zurich to Barcelona:
  2. LH201

    Couple of new paints

    So true. Thanks for all the repaints you have done! Will they remain in the dropbox folder?
  3. LH201

    Couple of new paints

    Repaints in general or regarding the FSLabs?
  4. LH201

    Random P3Dv4 shots

    A lovely collection!
  5. LH201

    BA #328 EGLL-LFPG

    Taking night flying to the next level. Looking great!
  6. I don't know how many hours I've spent with FS9. Those shots bring back some good old memories!
  7. LH201

    Some pics with reshade (long one)

    Amazing quality! P3D seems to be the future of simming...
  8. Great shots! Love flying the T7.
  9. LH201

    UA747 the final flight

    Great shots of the last flight! I also did UA747 on the weekend to get the last United 747 flight into my logbook.
  10. LH201

    First shot of P3Dv4

    Looking very good! Is that the professional version as I don't see the water mark.
  11. LH201

    Air Hongkong 208: HKG-NRT

    Thanks for the comments, guys!
  12. Hi Tigers, here are a few shots of AHK208 from Hongkong to Tokyo Narita. The departure time of 0325 local promised a lovely sunrise over Taiwan. Flying cargo in eastern asia is pure fun!
  13. LH201

    Air New Zealand A320's

    Lovely domestic flying withing New Zealand. Love it!
  14. LH201

    Classic Eastern!

    The Canarsie approach is pure fun! Great shots!