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  1. DL763


    Keep em coming ?
  2. Glad to see im not the only one rocking FS9! Great stuff!
  3. Been busy past couple weeks--dodging buffalo and bears on my honeymoon in Wyoming, then got assigned a two day trip from hell that ended in a limo ride from Philly to Newark for a double dead head home the next day... fun times. After finishing the honey-do list this morning, found a little time to pull the oil pans from under the DC-3 and let the engines stretch a little. Welcome aboard Hawaiian 100, service to Molokai! Preflight complete, let me squeeze my fat butt into the lawn chair. Where's the beer holder? After trying to remember how to taxi a gigantic tailwheel, finally airborn. Whats a left turning tendancy again? Good view of downtown off the turnout on 8L! Up at cruise, 34/2300 set, third beer opened. Too many clouds After checking the weather, I'm going to have to dust off the Instrument Flying Handbook and remember how to fly a VOR-A approach... wait whats a VOR again??? Sigh... VNAV/LNAV has spoiled me. Better sober up real quick... After an ugly approach that I dont care to share with yall (the cabin was a nice mushy mess after it,) finally found the runway and pop out on a tight downwind. yay circles! Wee too low on this base to final turn :joystick: This looks a little better... crazy crosswind on a tailwheel though... passengers are screaming at this point. I'll be making the F/o greet the passengers on the disembark for sure. Terra-Firma! No smoke... maybe I'll say good-bye to everone. After all i just miraculously saved everyones lives from certain death that was a 5kt cross wind These brakes suck... But we made it! Welcome to Molokai--get off my plane ya filthy animals Hope ya'll enjoyed! Time to make dinner for the misses and get ready for a quick out and back to Houston tomorrow, then 5 more days of reserve after that. In the mean time, everyone thats made the switch to Lockheeds new sim, how ya'll liking it? Im debating making the switch. Many beers and three greens yall!
  4. DL763

    Big blue from AMS to SFO

    Gorgeous set! Very crisp!
  5. DL763

    BA718 ZRH on final

    Good stuff keep it going!
  6. DL763

    Freddie goes Dubrovnik

    That sounds awful Chris! Hope everything gets resolved soon. Great shots in the mean time, everything looks crisp
  7. DL763

    QW 787 First and Second run

    Outstanding! Plane truly is breath taking. Seems like they did a stellar job with the aircraft
  8. Heres a quick shot of the smoke slamming it on in Honolulu. Enjoy!
  9. DL763

    LFPG Takeoff

    Looks great! Getting closer to reality...
  10. DL763

    Its been a while...

    Thanks guys!
  11. Greetings Gents, Its been a looooong while since I've posted to the forums. Been busy with life stuff. Hoping to have more time to devote regular time into my favorite hobbby--flight sim. Please be patient with me while i get back into the swing of things Here's a quick shot on decent into Nagoya after a boring flight from Kai Tak. Enjoy
  12. Congrats! :gnammy15: :gnammy15:
  13. DL763

    Powefull 757 departing Dulles

    That last shot is just..... wow :wub: :wub:
  14. DL763

    Arrival in Leipzig

    Freakin amazing shots there!!! Are you using the PSS merge?
  15. DL763

    Continuing my airbus spamming

    GET TO DA (AIR)BUS!!!!!!!!!