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  1. LX340

    Error PIREP

    As a full member, please create topics in the main forum area. With regards to your pirep - it's registered, but has not been checked by responsible manager yet. That's why when you try to resend it - it says: Duplicate pirep. You should be able to see in in your pending pireps in your logbook.
  2. LX340

    Problem submitting PIREP

    Hello, as an active member please post such help requests in the appropriate forums:
  3. LX340

    Trip to Shanghai

    Neither for me...
  4. LX340

    EHAM/AMS plane spotting 2017

    Some take offs are simply astonishing.
  5. Interesting model, never seen A320 without wingtips. Very nice set!
  6. LX340

    Delta To London

    Sure, it's a pity, there is no P3D version. Not even CaptainSim is making one, though these are not quite comparable.
  7. LX340

    A few randoms

    These are damn cute, real porn!
  8. LX340

    All Nippon Airways

    Cool... I definitely take it. Plan only T7 flying next time. Gonna use it. Thanks a lot John
  9. I think sooner or later everyone will switch. Here is a chance for progress. FSX is already dead anyway. The problem is the need to reinstall Prepar3d from scratch. Though internal structure of 2.5 is some different then that of 2.4. But i hope they will stop these changes soon.
  10. Finally I found some time to do flying thanks to 4 Holidays. Decided to test Prepar3D, though these flights have been flown without any add-ons, except for airports and aircraft. After couple of hours of adjusting external camera configurations I finally found those I liked (though it's a matter of taste). God, I miss Walk & Follow so much. The second thing I had to give up is FSPassengers, but this one didn't hurt so much surprisingly. Unfortunately there are no touch down screens. FSRecorder doesn't work with Prepar3D 2 and default Recorder doesn't work with sophisticated PMDG. I hope Lockheed guys stop playing with installers, so I can start installing beautifiers for it without fear ti install it again after next update. Used: Prepar3D ($$$$$) PMDG 777 ($$$) Buenos Aires SAEZ ($) - Santiago SCEL ($) - KL701 Santiago SCEL ($) - Lima ($) - UC1102 Next time 737 is planned, but need to spend some hours again to adapt camera configurations.
  11. LX340

    P3Dv2 and easyJet 2 firsts

    P3D looks nice on my PC as well. It's a pity 2 must have add-ons for me do not run under it.
  12. LX340

    Air France CDG-IST

    Wooow, awesome shots. I gonna steal some for AF VA headers...
  13. I went to Xtreme after Venetubo... Mistake: I' using DBS Walk and Follow as replacement for "Walk inside the aircraft" and by some reason it replaces one of the external view(in my case Spot) through a fixed camera point, usually somewhere near flight starting position. I try to avoid switching to that view, but shortly before touchdown I did. So the view rapidly changed to Tegel, than I went back, has been waiting for scenery to reload and in the meanwhile I wanted to disable some settings in DSB and got a known UIAutomationCore.dll error...
  14. In my opinion it did/does. One needs to start it every time before FSX starts, but it's worth it.
  15. Here I've made a big mistake and FSX crashed shortly before touchdown. Pity, but I think I will not do this mistake again... Thanks for watching!