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  1. AF272

    Couple of new paints

    Looks amazing John. Great work
  2. AF272

    Couple of new paints

    Thank you very much John, great work.
  3. Great video Curtis, What Camera are you using, Ezdok or Chase plane? Thanks
  4. Jakob, great pictures. Can you advise how are the models for the UTlive aircraft's, are they good as the freeware the we can find on AVSIM ect...? I am looking to get the program, but I saw some AI models and was not sure if they are good . Thanks for any info.
  5. Dennis, What aircraft you used for the P3D V4? Thanks
  6. AF272

    SAS A330 out of LAX

    Great shot Daniel, What AI program you are using, I am in the process of installing my new P3D, and was wondering on the AI program. I used to use AI flight plan with mostly FAIB aircraft's and TFS, so a manual process. Please let me know. Thanks
  7. Great pictures, love them all.
  8. AF272

    Addis Abeba Dreamliner

    what scenery are you using for HAAB? very nice
  9. Are we allowed to fly Corsair? that's new to me if we are. Thanks
  10. AF272

    I'm leaving FTG

    Congrats Yannick all the best.
  11. AF272

    My first 2 repaints

    Hi Steve, Just 1 note, on the second picture for MS and the third one too, the logo on the engine is upside down, you need to revert it. Other then that it's all good. Great job Regards
  12. AF272

    US Air 598 to Phoenix

    Hi Christoph, Great shots BTW, can you please tell me, which set up you are using to use the shokwave lights with the PA. Thanks
  13. AF272

    London Heathrow - Hong Kong Intl

    I think it is a great set of shots, I like them. :D
  14. AF272

    Lufthansa LH455 747-400 PART II

    Great shots, too bad for the CTD, I guess we all have got at least one. Guys I have a question , if we get a CTD with LDS ,PMDG and PSS, how can we continue to resume flight, when all restart at dark and cold option. Any way to change that. Thanks