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So you're looking into classified threads, eh? :atletici27:


Ok, you're here, so we can start with the first ever :ftg: Bond Tour. :banana:


Secret agent 007 will travel around the world to follow the traces of his movie based alter ego. I as 'M' will be giving the instructions to 007. And we plan to involve you from time to time, if you like.


We 'borrowed' the DeLorean from Martino, so we could travel all the way back to the year 1962, when the first Bond movie Dr. No conquered the cinemas.


The cast was as follows: James Bond – Sean Connery; M – Bernard Lee; Miss Moneypenny – Lois Maxwell; Honey Ryder – Ursula Andress; Dr. No – Joseph Wiseman


Now, let's get to business with the instructions for the first leg of our secret agent's tour:


Jamaica went off the air tonight. We’ve checked and Strangways has disappeared. So has his secretary. He was checking an enquiry from the Americans. They complained about interference with their Cape Canaveral rockets. They think it comes from the Jamaica area. You’re booked on the 7 o’clock plane to Kingston. That gives you exactly three hours, 22 minutes.

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Well sadly to say FTG classic schedules required a Hollywood (or should that be Elstree UK where EON productions shot the earlier Bond movies) style re-writing of the plot. No direct Heathrow to Kingston flight. The best schedule available was Heathrow-Idlewild (as it was in 1962)-Montego Bay. A cunning ploy by M to keep SPECTRE agents off my tail. Stopping in NY also permitted a clandestine meeting with Bond's CIA contact. In the movie that character was played by Jack Lord of Hawaii 5-0 fame, but what was the name of the character?


So LHR-IDW on Pan Am 101...










After meeting with ??? its onto Jamaica on AA645














33283809181_60a17890c8_o.jpg2017-3-12_18-12-25-322 Passing over Cuba here, its 1962. Hmm do I see some missile sites down there?








May have to stick to modern equipment in future as my classics models are a bit ...basic? Need to speak to Q about that.



M - mission accomplished. Dr No confronted and disposed of. He is now a puddle of melted mush at the bottom of his hidden nuclear reactor. I'm now going to bed to dream about Ursula Andress in a white bikini....sorry did i say that out loud?


Await your next orders M.


Totally pointless Bond fact. Actor Sean Connery the first on-screen Bond hails from my home city Edinburgh. When he left school and before he became famous, he worked as a milk delivery man fpr St Cuthbert's dairy.. he actually delivered milk to my primary school (years before I attended there - I'm old but not THAT old!)

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Nice idea Wolfgang and a great set, Aidan. There was a multi-stop direct connection between London and Kingston on BOAC in 62, however 007 used fake flight "Pan Am 323" (likely for promotional reasons, since the real PA flight was number 221) from New York to Kingston which the original footage proves. Actually the very same footage was used for the second movie as well, when Bond arrived in Istanbul.


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This is so fantastic guys! I like what you are building here.


When I think about Mr Connery, two quotes of him (real or not) come to my mind:


"When I go to the moviesh, I like to shit on the back row".


And my all-tiem favorite: "God shave the Queen"

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Pretty amazing idea here really. Great shots Aidan. Can't wait to see more.

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Great idea guys :thumbsup: ...and sweet shots. Can´t wait to see more :popcorn:

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