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It has been forever since I posted a topic in the FTG forum. It has been a busy year during which I worked during the week and spent my time in parks hiking, biking and kayaking during the weekends, and since the snow has started, I am kind of in a limbo: my FS9 is getting too outdated and I don't feel like updating my AI anymore etc., I'd rather invest in P3D and a new computer, but on the other hand, I don't want to spend a few thousand dollars on this, knowing I don't have too much time to fly anyway. Anyway hereby some real-life pics from my travels the past three months!


Having migrated to Canada last May, it was time to visit my family in the Netherlands and Spain during the Christmas break. The flight to the Netherlands was completely in darkness, the flight to Tenerife was mostly in darkness too and uneventful: while we were approaching the island was completely covered in clouds. But on the way back, I got the opportunity to take a few photos.

As we were boarding our Transavia flight from TFS to AMS, I took this pic of a Brussels Airlines A320 in Red Devils outfit:



Overview of Tenerife with the El Teide as we depart from the island:



While flying back to Montreal as KL671, I had the closest encounter with an airplane over the Atlantic, as this Air Canada 777-200LR was passing slowly beneath us. I suspect it was AC849 from London Heathrow to Toronto, but I am not 100% sure.



You can tell how close by it was in this shot:



It must have been on the same NAT 1000 ft below.


Dusk arrival into Montreal:

Downtown area with Mont Royal clearly visible:



YUL airport is visible just below the wing




Last month, I had to travel to Cape Town, South Africa for work. As it was my first time in sub-Saharan Africa, I decided to do a safari from Cape Town to Swakopmund in Namibia, one of my most unique travels in my life. I loved the emptiness of the desert, its wildlife, its dramatic sunsets... And since the travel time was 36h from Cape Town to Montreal (door-to-door), I was glad I had a bit more time between my flight to South Africa and back home to enjoy the scenery! Hereby some pics from my return flight: Walvis Bay (WVB) - Cape Town (CPT) - Istanbul (IST) - Montreal (YUL).


As I arrived at Walvis Bay airport, I walked over to look at the ramp, and saw this Embraer E-145 getting ready for its flight to Windhoek:



V5-ANI, the E-145 that would bring me back to Cape Town:





Yours truly walking to the plane while boarding. No jetways, no buses, and just one gate at this tiny airport! The biggest plane that departs from here is an A319 to Windhoek or Johannesburg



Entering the runway, as seen from seat 2A:



Departing the desert landscape surrounding Walvis Bay:



Over Namib Naukluft national park. Both the Deadvlei and Dune 45 are in sight in this pic, two of the most unique landscapes in Namibia!



Mid-flight, the first officer had to use the lav, providing some opportunities for me to picture the cockpit from my seat:



Approaching Cape Town, we were treated by this lovely view. Downtown Cape Town, the Table Mountain, Robben Island (where Mandela was in jail for 18 years during the Apartheid), the winelands and Cape of Good Hope are all in sight here!



View of the apron after we landed. It was amazing to see that Emirates has 4 daily flights to Dubai, all operated by 77Ws. In the back, an IL-76 cargo jet, which was always parked there during the three weeks I was in Cape Town.



Picturing one of many daily A330/A340 flights from Cape Town to Jo'burg, SA336 was operated by the flying pencil, the A340-600:











Can you tell the A340-600 is one of my favorite jets? :P


Colorful Mango 737-800 arriving from Durban:



ET846, the daily flight to Addis Ababa:



TC-LNG, the A330 which would take me all the way back to Montreal: coincidentally, both my flight to Istanbul and to Montreal were operated by the same bird! I did not complain, as it was one of Turkish' relatively new jets.





At Istanbul airport, I felt very tired, but I had to take a few pics of exotic birds we don't get to see that often:

Somon Air, never heard from the airline, arriving from Dushanbe, Tajikistan:



Azerbaijan 787 arriving from Baku:





I hope you enjoyed!

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Amazing set, Michel! :banana: South Africa and Namibia are also still on my To-Do-List. But probably I still have to wait until retirement... :awesome:

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Great photos Michel.


Funnily enough I was attending to my AI last night and happened to install Air Namibia, particularly V5-ANI.


That's interesting re Emirates, you'd think they'd reduce frequency and upscale to some A380s wouldn't you? They know what they're doing I suppose.


Re the upgrades, I presume you're aware P3D v4 is allegedly around the corner. If you purchase 3.4 now, you'll likely have to buy a new licence later.

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Nice pics Michel. :gnammy15:

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