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Bond Tour Part X - The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

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Cast: James Bond – Roger Moore; M – Bernard Lee; Moneypenny – Lois Maxwell; Q – Desmond Llewelyn; Major Anya Amasova – Barbara Bach; Stromberg – Curt Jürgens



The Spy Who Loved Me is not based on one of Ian Fleming’s books but only takes the title from one of Fleming’s book with a completely different story.


For Stromberg’s supertanker the biggest stage at that time was build especially for The Spy Who Loved Me.


The parachute of stuntman Rick Sylvester did not open in time when shooting the skijump at Mount Asgard in Canada. While this was a dangerous situation for Sylvester, the production team was enthusiastic, as this extended the freefall part of the jump.



The missing nuclear submarine Ranger had 16 Polaris missiles aboard. Its prearranged course to her patrol area has been traced. We got the tracing in a diplomatic bag in Cairo. Somebody got hold of the plans of the tracking system and is trying to sell them. They sent us that that tracing as proof that it’s genuine. This means that the Russians can track our nuclear submarines underwater and sink them which means they can totally undermine our Western defence strategy. Here are the details of our contact in Egypt. You leave tonight.

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Mixed feelings about this mission. Some classic metal to fly us to Cairo and the prospect off some cool looking freeware scenery for Egypt seemed to set things up for some great screen shots. How wrong could I be?


A BA TriStar from LHR-CAI provided for something different, but... awful night textures for the aircraft ruled out any decent approach or landing shots. The to make matters worse a glitch in the freeware scenery for Egypt caused my P3D to crash immediately if I tried to depart from any Egyptian airport so the sector from CAI-FCO became inoperable (I think SPECTRE have infiltrated flightsim.com!)


So all that's left is the final leg from Rome to Cagliari on an AZ A319. Real sense of unfulfilled promise.































See what I mean about the terrible night textures?


A leap to Rome now for the flight to Sardinia























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Cool pics. The second last one looks like a tiny airport with a huge 319 on it haha. Great work.

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Tri-holers ! I liked that takeoff shoot with the parallel climbout. Too bad for the various problems in Egypt, those italian sceneries look nice though.

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Yeah, the problem with classic airplanes is that you don't always get what you want. Sometimes the quality is just abysmal or the plane has not been painted at all. Anyways some cool shots, Aidan! :thumbsup:

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