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EBBR/BRU plane spotting 2017

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Hello guys !


It has been a while since I have posted pictures of plane spotting in this forum. The reason is I barely have time to go out because of my job. Good thing is that in the next weeks I will be able to visit a few nice places.


Let us start with Brussels, to which I went last week-end. This was my first time spotting there.


Sorry for the crappy weather, I tried to do my best !






Soon gone :














Stored here since the airline desmise, I am pretty sure she will eventually die here ...




Stay tuned !

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Stunning pics. How close did you get to the action at BRU? Looks like you were almost sitting on the runway.

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Don't worry about the weather, they came out perfect!!


I'd love some more

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Interesting combination of shots. I didn't know so many Asian carriers are flying to Brussels these days, although they just lost JetAirways to Amsterdam (great for us, as we now have very cheap tickets to Toronto from Amsterdam B) ). That first Cityjet, its wings reminded me vaguely to the 732.

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Thank you guys, it goes to my heart !


The first Cityjet is a Sukhoi SSJ-100, for those who were wondering. I asked one of their test pilots once why the wing did not have any wingtips or winglets, and he told me the added weight was not worth the economy made on fuel. Now a "clean" wings looks retro to us !


And as for the spotting points, refering to this guide : http://www.spotterguide.net/index.php/planespotting/europe/belgium/brussels-airport-bru-ebbr/


All take off shots were taken from point 1.

The short finals shots and the dying 757 were taken from the field east of point 16. Although beeing in the open, I took my ladder with me to make sure the fence of the airport would be outside the view.

The front shots were taken from outside the cemetary that is right between points 9 and 10.


If you have a car it is easy to move around.


Next week-end I am going to another airport, but this time in Germany.

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Although I wish it was a salute to me, the crew had the sun right in the runway axis, so him trying to get some shade is a more likely explanation :banana:


However sometimes it is very intentional :awesome:



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