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  1. NH094

    Pla stuck in extruder

    Not sure what you are referring to here. This forum is for flight simulator enthusiasts. Not sure we can help you.
  2. Terribly sorry about that. Your account has been approved. You may log in
  3. NH094

    X Plane11

    Okay, I approved your forum account. Had to change the username to your pilot ID per forum rules. Please repost this in the ACARS support forum.
  4. NH094

    ANZ 767 & 747 Flights

    Sorry about that, I could have sworn we emailed you back in regards to this matter. We did look over the link you sent us but it was a partial list only. We only add full route networks to the database i.e something like the Fall '96 Timetable for ANZ. I do know that one or two of those red highlighted flights are in database as I did the EVA '95 Timetable. Right now we are in the process of revamping the classics a bit so no telling when the next set will be uploaded. Maybe by year's end, maybe next year, it's all up in the air right now. However, we are working hard on it and I know we have stuff in the pipeline for that part of the world (probably even an ANZ timetable from around that year) in the works. Just gonna need more time to get it implemented.
  5. NH094

    FTG ACARS Crashed

    There are no manual pireps and Roman will have to answer the reconnect question.
  6. NH094

    Cannot remember Password

    Normally we don't give this level of support in the guest forums and I would ask you to create a forum account. However, in this case it is a really simple answer. When we saved the flights and data for all the pilots we weren't able to save accounts and passwords. So I will give you the instructions 1: go to http://www.ftg-va.org 2: click on the Join Us tab 3: click through the required reading and get to the page with 2 columns of registration 4: since you are a former pilot with logged flights make sure you fill in the column of info on the right, should be marked returning pilot or something like that. 5: fill in all the required information and select a pilot ID (as of typing this SQ039 is still available) noting we have a very large number of airlines you can select now. 6: once in your account apply for legacy status 7: once legacy status has been applied you will see all your logged flights. Make sure to go through and look for duplicates or any that would have been rejected. 8: once done submit the logbook for final viewing by a member of management 9: once management reviews it and accepts it, you will see all your old flights and rank (rank should be restored once legacy status has been applied)
  7. NH094


    If it was an active account the day of closing we have all the data. You will need to re-register at www.ftg-va.org. You many sign up with any airline code now (not bound to a handful anymore). Click on Join Us at the site. Use the column on the right for v2 pilots and fill in all appropriate data. A manager will review it and grant legacy status if nothing is out of place. You will have to go through the logbook and look for pireps that woyld have been rejected (basically look for duplicate pireps that were filed hours or a few days apart as a quick and dirty way to do it) and submit. Management will review it and grant you the old flights which will appear in your logbook. Any question don't hesitate to ask.
  8. NH094


    Currently normal flights aren't allowed, only classic/cargo. There also isn't a way to manually input info as we are eliminating any possible confusion when it comes to data.
  9. NH094


    You have to right click on the flight and send it the My Flights Page. Than you will be able to connect ACARS to FSX-SE
  10. NH094


    @LX340 Does ACARS allow for time compression?
  11. NH094


    Durning Testing you can only fly with companies that are in our static schedules (the ones searchable from ACARS currently). After testing any airline that can be verified from an official source (airline website or flightradar24.com or from the feature we hope to implement into ACARS) will be useable.
  12. NH094


    Actualmente no estás registrado. Debe volver a registrarse, ya que no pudimos guardar la mayoría de la información de cuenta del sitio web anterior. Asegúrese de usar la columna piloto que regresa cuando se registre para que podamos trabajar en la migración de su libro de registro de su cuenta anterior.
  13. NH094


    Typically I would split this out and move it to the support forums but since its a similar situation and may help others I will leave it. This is something for @LX340 Roman though.
  14. NH094


    @LX340 Roman, this is all you. Below is the translation. good afternoon, a question, I just made a flight and when trying to send the pirep the submit pirep box is not illuminated by the notice that I get LOAD LAST SAVED FLIGHT, in this case I must do so that future flights can send the pirep thank you and happy afternoon ......
  15. NH094


    Te envié un correo electrónico. Por favor, intente y publique todo en este tema para ayudar a que los foros se mantengan un poco más limpios.
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