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  1. Hello, please log into your forum account (ZL037) and contact me (LH202) directly via PM. Thanks
  2. Hello Sunil, welcome back. Please sign up with the Flying Tigers Group again at ftg-va.org and follow the instructions for reclaiming your FTG 2 flying hours. Cheers,
  3. I have contacted our forum administrator and asked for his assistance on the matter. He's very busy with other stuff these days, so a reply from him might take some time. I have to ask you for your patience.
  4. You seem to have a member and a guest account. Please use your member account.
  5. Please log into the forum with your pilot ID and site password. Thanks!
  6. Status? Bavarian! What else?

  7. AI Package Update 1311 status: completed || Current classic schedules project: NONE

  8. AI Package Update 1310 under development - Progress 85% || Current classic schedules project: Africa package

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