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  1. Hi, https://flyingtigers.ipbhost.com/topic/63632-reporting-ftg-acars-issues/
  2. LX340

    FTG ACARS Crashed

    Hi James, please use the main forum for any support requests. In order to help you more information is needed about what and when...
  3. LX340

    FTG ACARS Crashed

    Hi Jordan, I've answered to your email.
  4. LX340

    Problema FTG Acars

    ola, Necesitaba usar Google Translate para comprender su mensaje, pero si lo ha traducido correctamente, no tiene instalado FSUIPC. FTG-Acars requiere FSUIPC para la línea MSFS. ¿Qué versión de FTG-Acars estás usando? Saludos cordiales Roman / LX340
  5. LX340


    I've never tested it... yet...
  6. LX340


    I made 2 short flights with FS2004, but none of these things happened. Touchdowns and fuel cuts were registered, pause feature is working as well. Probably reasons: 1. I made 2 very short flights, of < 10m between 2 closely located airports. Maybe longer flights cause some issues. But so far FS2004 is the most correctly responding flight sim. Prepars and X-Plane provide sometimes not quite reliable data. 2. I have Win 10 and will need to install VM for Windows XP and check flight sim in that environment.
  7. LX340


    Sorry guys, I‘ve made 14h at work yesterday, couldn‘t do anything more.
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