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Guest Sunil A. Gogate (SQ039)

Cannot remember Password

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Guest Sunil A. Gogate (SQ039)

Let me first start out by saying that I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED  that FTG are back!

My Pilot id is SQ039 and my rank is Captain.

I am unable to log in because I have forgotten my password.

My registered email id is trust.sunil@icloud.com.

Please help me to get back.

(My sincere apologies if I have posted this to the wrong place).






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Normally we don't give this level of support in the guest forums and I would ask you to create a forum account. However, in this case it is a really simple answer. 

When we saved the flights and data for all the pilots we weren't able to save accounts and passwords. So I will give you the instructions

1: go to http://www.ftg-va.org
2: click on the Join Us tab
3: click through the required reading and get to the page with 2 columns of registration
4: since you are a former pilot with logged flights make sure you fill in the column of info on the right, should be marked returning pilot or something like that. 
5: fill in all the required information and select a pilot ID (as of typing this SQ039 is still available) noting we have a very large number of airlines you can select now. 
6: once in your account apply for legacy status
7: once legacy status has been applied you will see all your logged flights. Make sure to go through and look for duplicates or any that would have been rejected. 
8: once done submit the logbook for final viewing by a member of management
9: once management reviews it and accepts it, you will see all your old flights and rank (rank should be restored once legacy status has been applied)

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Guest SQ039

Hello, I greatly appreciate you taking the effort to reply to me and I am much obliged.

I have followed your instructions and shall wait for management to get back to me.





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